Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Hearts

I had forgotten I had Owen today and he is, to say the least, rambunctious today.
So, here I am, running after him and saving him from death-defying leaps and now he wants to smell the spices so...
Happy Valentine's.
Lord. He's discovered the silverware drawer.
I love you.
Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Valentine's Day -- to you and Owen!

  2. My grandchildren were the same way this weekend and at one point I told them they were acting like wild maniacs. It must have stuck with my grandson because he was saying the same thing to his sister this morning. I'm not sure if he even knows what a wild maniac is, but he likes saying it. Have a wonderful day with your little Valentine!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you and to Owen. I used to like those little cards that I would get in elementary school from the girls and boys. Funny--my mother saved them all.

  4. Happy Valentines day! You are my first and forever Valentine Mama. Have as much fun as you can with that wild and crazy O Boy.

  5. Love you too! Happy day with all your valentines.

  6. love you too.
    Sending you a vase of pink and red poppies and a big fat kiss on your lovely cheek.

  7. dear one,
    you are the moon and the stars for so many of us.
    thank you for taking me more fortunate chick in your hen house of love!


  8. blessed day of love to you, ms moon.


  9. Enjoy your day with that lovebug!

  10. Love the card...enjoy your Valentine's Day boy. Even with his death-defying leaps. Does he like to make cookies? I used to love making heart cookies with my daughter at that age... but then girls are so different from boys... my nephew just wanted to watch trucks and build things and then knock them down again.

  11. I like that Owen wants to smell the spices....mmmm...what to make now...because that could be a treat to do...

    Happy Valentine's Day...of fun with little Owen.

  12. What a wonderful way to start your celebration of the Love Day-- discovering spicy smells with the O Boy.
    Love to you and all your loves, short and tall
    ! X0X0X0X0 N2

  13. That child has cankles! Not Owen, the kid on the card! Wow!

    Happy VD!


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