Thursday, February 10, 2011

Owen Helps

Owen is at a stage where he loves to help. He can carry that laundry basket the approximate mile from the laundry room to Bop's closet where it lives. The dogs trail behind him or get in his way, his entourage and he says, "Beep-beep!"
He helps me wash dishes by picking things up out of the dish drainer and insisting I put them back in the bubbles. He can say "bubbles" quite well.
He helps me feed the birds and the chickens. We gave them grapes today and Elvis was so gentlemanly, taking them from our fingers and giving them to the hens from his beak.
He helps by cleaning walls and floors with a rag. He is especially good at this.

But this is how he really helps me:
He makes me feel as if I am important in a child's life, his life, and that. Well. That.

I pulled up the step stool so he could help me make the bread. I let him taste salt and I let him taste sugar. He liked the salt okay but he said "More," for the sugar. I showed him the flour and then I realized he was confused. He knows what flowers are and they are not white and powdery. I got a pansy from the bowl of them I have and showed it to him and I said, "This is a flower," and then I showed him the flour in the canister and I said, "And this is another sort of flour. Isn't that silly?"
And he laughed.
And we broke an egg into the bowl with the flour and the yeast and the oatmeal and the salt and the warm water and we put the dough hook on and watched it all come together and form dough. I let him poke it with his little finger and he did that, over and over and then we put oil in the bottom of a bowl and put the dough in and made sure it was all oily and we put a towel over it and I told him it was like the dough had to take a nap now and that the towel was like its cover.

I am important in the life of a child. We smell the spices and we learn about watering plants. We pat the dogs and he smiles so much that I do too. We lay down for a nap and I kiss him one thousand times, his hair so soft under my lips.

Owen helps me without ceasing. There can be no falling-under when he is here. There can be no lack of joy when he laughs.

His Bop just asked him the milk he was drinking makes him drunk.

"Oh no," Owen said, quite clearly. "No" is his new favorite word but he says it with as much positivity as if he was saying "yes."

He helps. More than I can ever say.

I teach him things but he teaches me every thing. Over and over again, new every time.
I am important in the life of this child but he, well, his importance in my life can never be measured.

Oh, no.


  1. Oh, no. *smile*

    I think children raise us up to be better people, or perhaps return us to the better people we really are deep down inside and just forget about when we're rushing around the rat race.

    Namaste and beautiful days, Ms. Moon. I'm turning this damn laptop off to go play with my son out in the cold.

  2. Oh I'm teary over here. Beautiful. It is such an amazing feeling to be important in the life of a child. You are right, they teach every thing important.

  3. Yes. Another great G'ma post! I was just writing to the Dear Daughter that she and the Corn Tiger bring such joy to my life, even if I mainly get to see them on video chat once a week. So glad you have the O-boy there with you to teach and hold. x0 N2

  4. Children are far more precious than the rarest jewel in the world. I am touched by your words for little Owen..I wish I was little again to have that day with my Nan to have her show me the magic of bread are special indeed..

  5. I remember how special my kids made me feel too. They have anchored me to the world, and made it matter. I'm so glad you have Owen around to help you today. He is learning how to live and even to make bread with his Mer-Mer. Beautiful.

    ps have you ever posted your bread recipe? I have been trying so many new ones, but not much is turning out like I'd hoped. Too much whole grain maybe, or not enough kneading. I don't have a hook thing, so it's by hand. Yours looked lovely in the pans a few photos ago...

  6. Beautiful education. That boy is a wonderment.

  7. he is wonderful. just like his grandma

  8. I swear it felt like I was reading about my life with Kyle hearing about Owen's adventures. Our two boys are doing a lot of the same things. It is so amazing watching them grow and learn, and the joy they bring is absolutely amazing. And Mr. Owen is one lucky little man to have you in his life. Have a good one Ms. Moon.

  9. Owen the wonder boy! He is so darling.

    We are all better over here. Nobody coughed in days. Would love to see you two.

  10. I could use a little Owen cleaning around here.

    For his mama's sake, I hope he stays such a helpful little cleaner. You're teaching him well G-ma.

  11. you and owen are such a partners. it is beautiful to watch.

  12. Owen is growing up right before our very eyes.

  13. I think that way about my boys sometimes, how they keep me from going under.

  14. The call and response of a child to an adult, a thoughtful, helpful and loving adult like you Ms Moon and a curious, responsive and loving boy like Owen is a joy to behold. And so you teach one another, and us as well.

  15. You're the perfect grandmother. Owen must have the best time at your house.

  16. Your posts about Owen make my heart swell a little each time. He's so lucky.

  17. You are important in the life of this adult, too. Don't you forget it.

  18. You describe so well my life with my own grandchildren. They love to help me too and I honestly can't remember what my life was like before they arrived in it.

  19. Oh what to say to this?


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