Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old Cracker Girl

I am wary of it truly being spring. I do not trust there to be no more frost until the pecans begin to leaf and they are far from that.
I was compelled today to take a few of the porch plants back out and to pull to the front those I had huddled near the porch wall so that I could cover them during freezing weather.
It made me so happy, putting things to rights and trimming off winter's dead. Everything looks a bit sparse and weary but I know what will happen soon. There will be new growth, there will be regrowth. There will be green.
I watered everything and it just felt right.

The chickens who are curious creatures, decided to come and check out the rearranging and watering I was doing and for some reason, there is absolutely nothing to me as charming as a chicken on the front porch. My friend-from-childhood calls me an old Cracker Girl.
He seems amazed at this, and frankly, so am I.

And yet, here I am.

Completely and entirely happy to have my plants back on my porch and to see the chickens exploring there, their wet little tracks on the porch boards in the warm spring air.


  1. The weather is indeed strange! We're having some very cold days -- there was even rumor of snow that has been largely dispelled. Today is blue skied with just the threat of more rain.

    I love your front porch --

  2. Ah, Elizabeth. I was commenting on your blue sky post as you commented on my spring one.
    Did our spirits meet in the middle?

  3. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous image today.

  4. Elizabeth Too- Another Elizabeth? I have loved every Elizabeth (and Elisabeth) I have ever known. Thanks for thinking that is a gorgeous image. It is to me.

  5. Ms. Moon, I posted more about myself in another comment, below. Every image you post from your part of the world is splendid in my mind.

  6. Ah, chicken love. You're killing me. Let us remember that for a hot minute I considered becoming a third wife just because I liked his chickens. I am weak in the face of their beaks! Today a guinea hen crossed my path as I was dodging hitting some ducks with serious attitude, and I gasped with glee. I do love these fearsome and free poultry, roaming the streets of Monrovia with gorgeous lizards.

    There was a chicken caught in my window bars for a couple of days recently. I'm so pleased she wanted to take up with me, but not until I have a yard ...

  7. Great photo! It looks like either a dinosaur, or a Beatrix Potter story, Southern style.

    Hmm. Would that be Brer Rabbit?

  8. cascading ferns and delicate stepping chickens, dreamy...

  9. A grest image and for some reason exhilarating for me so far away on a wet and rainy Melbourne Sunday morning. Thanks, Ms moon.

  10. Hi Ms. Moon. Tanya here. It has been a long time. I think about you and your family from time to time and send so many warm wishes. I value the role you and your blog played in my life. Thank you.

  11. Yer singin' my song, sweet pea. Love you!

  12. It was a glorious spring day here as well. I worked on mushroom compost this morning and then went to the hospital. All is well.

  13. delicious and simple.
    just like corn bread and buttermilk for breakfast.

    just ask my dad.


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