Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ain't Nothing Wrong With That

Ah yah and we had the biggest matinee audience in recent history for the Opera House and the audience was ready to laugh. Oh, they were wonderful.
It was a very, very good time.

It's so funny. When I'm in a production that plays in February and March, we start out rehearsals in November with the sun going down at five thirty and the Opera House cold as a tomb and then we end up for the performances backstage going, "God. It is so HOT!" and we sweat through our costumes and those of us who have hot flashes suffer like beasts. I stand there in the wings, waiting to go on and I get the thirst for water and I think, "Ah, shit. I'm about to have another hot flash," and then the stage manager says "Take your places" and there I am, onstage, sweat dripping off my face and I'm saying lines like, "It's too cold for this time of year. I'm going to write a letter."


In this production, we have three new actors who have never been in any of our plays and I just adore and respect all of them but everything I learn about this one girl makes me fall in love more. So tonight after the play I kidnapped her and brought her here to the house and we had martinis with Judy and Kathleen and we showed her the chickens and the house and the goats next door and then her boyfriend showed up to take her home and he's just spent the weekend at a fishing tournament and well, she's one of us.
Isn't it funny how we know kin when we meet them?

So. Here I am, everyone gone home and Mr. Moon still out hunting and he'll be home soon and I have nothing for his supper which is not like me at all.

But Lord. I am tired. And Owen is coming at six a.m. and I can't wait because I miss him so. I might get to cuddle in the bed with him at some point and I know we'll feed chickens and goats and I'll show him the Japanese Magnolia blossoms and that'll be lovely.

Okay. I think the Oscars are on but I'm not sure.


I'm thinking biscuits.

What a great Sunday.
I hope you had one too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I just made rolls (they were frozen from a bag and have been thawing all day). Biscuits sound better! I am no baker like you.

    It IS funny how you know kin when you meet them. I love it when that happens. Glad you had a good audience, performance and day.

  2. Nicol- Thanks, honey. And bread from the oven is heaven no matter how it got there.

  3. you are so right ms. moon,
    we all do... in our bones, blood and expanding heart, recognize kin when we meet them. even on a computer screen reading words from afar.

    now, when is that tall hunter going to be home to butter your biscuits???

  4. LOVE that photo of you......You are gorgeous.

  5. Hooray for a good audience and very good day -- martinis with the gals and a new friend to boot! Those biscuits do look Very Yum. x0 N2

  6. It was a good Sunday. Glad that all went well. Sounds as if you had a really successful performance.

  7. The Oscars were BORING AS SHIT. I almost went to sleep, and the hosts tanked. I felt sorry for them. Why in hell they didn't just have Hugh Jackman host again is beyond me. He was great.

  8. rebecca- He came home. Bless his heart. And he had buttered biscuits eventually.

    Lo- It was dark.

    N2- It was a very fine Sunday.

    Syd- We did!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- For some reason I had no interest at all. Probably because I didn't see any of the movies. I suck.

  9. loved this post.


    and the photo.

  10. Ms. Moon, I love your Sundays. And that photo... You are so very beautiful!


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