Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Heat Is On

Summertime, summertime.

Guess what? I don't have it in me to take that walk today. The death-urge is not upon me. 

Last night as I was getting ready to do the dishes, the power flickered, flickered, flickered. Went off. Came back on. 
Went off. 
Mr. Moon and I sighed and got out the camp lanterns and flashlights and took our showers and cut off all the lights we could remember having been on and went to bed. The cat woke us up three times. Then, about 1:30 the power came back on so we got up and went around and turned off the rest of the lights, I set the coffee, set the time on the clock on the stove, turned on my fans, etc. 
Finally, around two, I think we settled back in to good sleep. 

I had something really profound or funny to say here and now I can't even begin to remember what it was. 
In lieu of actual profundity or humor, I will show you this.

It's happening! 

Oh! Oh! I know what I was going to say! I dreamed about Keith Richards last night and in my dream, I saw him and I wanted desperately to go up to him and say something (profound and humorous?) that would relay my deep, deep fondness for him and I fumbled my words, ended up sounding like a dolt, and stumbled off into a wall, I think. 
Even in my dreams I am a social mess. 

All right- here's some earthshaking news. 
MAY CUT ABOUT A YARD OF HAIR OFF YESTERDAY! Well, she didn't cut it. Someone else did. Listen- May's hair got caught in her jeans it was so long. It was truly and really down to her ass. And I'd post the picture she sent me but I know she wouldn't like that. How do I know? Because we are just alike and we both hate pictures of ourselves. But trust me when I tell you it's so lovely. And she has inspired me and given me courage and I am going to get mine cut. May is going to send her hair to an organization called "Wigs for Kids."
I hope I can do the same. Will they take gray hair? I suppose they can dye it. Although gray hair IS very trendy these days. Maybe not for kids though.

All right. I better get off my ass. I'm going to town for a few hours this afternoon to stay with the boys. Before I go though, let me point out that Mick Jagger was also in my dream. He, however, was too busy trying to seduce my in-the-dream roommate for me to even think about talking to him. I think he made eye contact with her and then they disappeared. 

Is there a parallel universe in which these things are actually happening? 

Who knows? 
Not me.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Three months or so ago my son told me he saw someone famous in one of the tourist bar restaurants down near disney. He said he though it was one of the rolling stones, but didn't know which one. Imagine makes me old just typing that. This weekend his girlfriend told me as soon as she saw Keith Richards picture she knew it was him. All I could think of is how I wished it could have been you or at least someone that would appreciate seeing him up close. Gail

  2. Gail- WHAT????!!!! Well, Keith should probably pretty glad it wasn't ME! Dang.

  3. I know, he was so casual about it when he first told me. I didn't really know who he saw, but when his girlfriend told me that she knew it was Keith, I feel that it was. I'm sure Keith was glad it wasn't me or especially my husband, who would have lost his mind. Gail

  4. Oh, dreams. Our subconscious just misses the point of them sometimes!

    Congrats to May on her hair, and v exciting about yours. I'm sure there's plenty of other places that would take it for wigs.

  5. I wish that my dreams would include Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Day Lewis.

  6. Yes! All this is happening in a parallel universe. I like to think so anyway! You remind me fondly of the days when I was growing up when power cuts used to happen with regularity. Maybe in a parallel universe, I am still there, and they are still happening.

  7. Hubby and I went to a Cardinals game yesterday and sat through two rain delays before deciding to head home. The umbrella I took kept our heads dry, but my flip flops did just that....flipped and flopped all that water all over me. I mentioned that I was afraid I would fall (but luckily didn't). Well, ALL NIGHT LONG I dreamed I was in those flip flops, falling down stairs, ramps, dry land and out of windows. Hubby said it was like sleeping with an octopus! Each time I 'fell' I'd jerk something awful and partially wake myself up. Dreams...GEEZ!

  8. Many, many days I enjoy thinking about the dreams from the nights before. Sometimes those thoughts are better than reality. Lots of times.

  9. I think they take grey hair as long as it hasn't been dyed. That way they can dye it how they want it. One of my friends grows hers for Locks of Love who use it for wigs for kids. She is grey as a badger but wears her hair as she has always done which I think makes her look wise and distinguished. Mine, I can almost sit on and distinguished it ain't! Time for a chop.


  10. I literally just came back from getting all my hair chopped off and colored. It took three hours. Slowest hairdresser ever!! I need to restyle it but other than that, I love it. I feel ten pounds lighter.
    Do it.

  11. that's awesome that may is donating her hair.

    if that first place won't take grey hair, you can donate to children with hair loss- they took all 14 inches of my hair gladly, grey streak and all!


  12. Gail- Was he by himself or with others?

    Jo- Probably. May chose Wigs for Kids because Locks of Love charges now supposedly.

    Elizabeth- If only we could direct these dreams like movies.

    Angella- Who knows? Not me.

    Catrina- They can be interesting, annoying, frightening, bizarre, lovely....
    But we can't make them be anyway. Well, maybe some people can. I can't.

    Ms. Peace- Sometimes mine are like that too. Not as often as I'd wish though.

    Invisigal- Mine is way too long for summer in this heat. That's all there is to it.

    Heartinhand- Three hours is a long damn time but I bet it's worth it.

    Mrs. A- I feel certain someone will take it.

  13. I think you would look cute with short hair cause you're tiny. But I think about the boys and wonder what they'd think. I loved playing with my grandma's long hair - braiding it, combing it... I guess boys are probably less into that. Your hair is so beautiful. Any organization would be glad to take it. The older I get, the less comfortable I am in heat so I can see how you'd be more comfortable.

  14. No, my son said there were people around him, that is why he knew it was someone famous to begin with. Gail

  15. We have the sweaters and rain coats out again today. We had one day with summer temperatures last week and everyone loved it, except my children who are embracing their Scottish heritage and hate heat. I think no one would love it quite so much if we had hot weather non-stop.

  16. I love that your dreams involve the Rolling Stones and social anxiety. That is hilarious.

    I bet they'll take your hair. If they can't use it for kids they'll probably move it along to another charity that makes adult wigs. I'm guessing.

  17. I thought of you when I saw the Stones were in Florida. I knew that you would be happy.


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