Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sometimes Life Just Swirls Around Us And We Have To Stop and Catch Our Breath

I am here, I swear, I promise, I am.
It's just been so busy.
Lily had two doctor's appointments today and I stayed with my boys so she could go and then we went to eat a very late lunch and then I went to the library and the store and then I came home and it was late and I scurried and I hurried to gather eggs and pick the cherry tomatoes which are coming in by the bushel and started supper and then Judy and Denise came over and we sat and laughed and chatted and laughed and now...
I am here.
Supper is about to be ready but I am not myself if I don't get to come here and write a few words, share a few thoughts. Blogs may be dying but some of us have to do it and will continue to do it and thank god for this place, this space.
Please, alla y'all, don't stop writing. Don't stop sharing your lives with me. I do not know what I would do if I couldn't visit you to see how it goes with you. I feel like we're in this together, whatever this is.
And if I'm not leaving comments, if I'm not answering comments here, it's not because I haven't been to visit you, it's not because I don't read every word you write at your places and in response to my words.
It's just...one of those times.

Here's what my boys looked like today:

My handsome Hulkito, my little man Gibson. 
And Owen, who asked me to take a "family photo." Direct quote. He's extremely invested in pretending to be a dad and a husband right now. 



That child. 

This life. I am overwhelmed in all ways. Mostly good.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. I thought I remembered you writing something about Lily and a Dr. appt. today. I hope this blog is around for a very long time. I don't write, but my day is not complete until I read Bless Our Hearts. Gail

  2. I was just farted at out in the road by my 13 year old as I was standing there taking in the color therapy that was this day's sunset... there was still some rumbling from the passing storms,and he went skimpering back into the house cackling as only a 13 year old boy can... But boy did that sky color up something fierce!! Hugs from Vermont

  3. After I discovered your blog, I look forward to it every day. You speak for those of us who don't have your great gift of putting into words the enormity of everyday joys, sorrows, afflictions, addictions, and love that make up our little precious lives. I'm a married Grama and mommy who finds solace and understanding in your words, sister, so please don't ever stop, ok?

  4. My own blog has three invited readers so I don't exactly go out looking for them...but having you (and Elizabeth) every day sets my barometer. So keep writing. One day I'll even get to Florida.

  5. I won't stop writing either because this is how I get to visit and be in community with you and it is one of the great blessings of my life, to have found you and yours and to love like family with no regard for geography or history or anything else. So pure. I makey daily pilgrimage here and all is well. Those boys are growing so fast. So handsome and loving and loved.

  6. I am just so glad you have to write because I love to read your blog and I don't know what I'd do if you stopped!!!!

  7. I think it's sort of like The Summer Season for bloggers. I feel my inspiration to write sort of flagging in summer, my urge to lie in bed and read and even not NOTICE stuff, stronger. Anyway. It's funny, though, how unimaginable life would be without our community. I CAN imagine us as old, old, old people still tapping away on the ancient computers we'll surely own.

    Those boys sure are good-looking.

  8. Oh I know how it goes - the end of June is mayhem! I will try to write something today, in between play dates and drawing academy appointments and birthday parties. You are right. It's good to stay on it.

  9. I'll write when I have something to say. I started yesterday but gave up - my energy levels were about as high as the level of interestingness of what I wanted to say. Plus, you can see I'm struggling with syntax at the moment.

    Old bloggers never die, we just blog on in our little corners of the internet :)

  10. life happens and consumes out time. no worries. busy here too.

  11. Never knew a child who got the "nesting syndrom" when another baby was expected but it is very heartwarming.

    I love my wonderful, busy life but sometimes I think readers would just be bored with it since I do not have your gift with words to make everyday things be beautiful.

  12. Don't you quit blogging either. I would be lost without you. I am not kidding. I need you.

  13. Gail- My day is lost if I don't write Bless Our Hearts.

    Big Mamabird- Boys and farts. It's like potatoes and onions. I swear.

    Nora Springfield- Oh, thank you! So much! And if I stop writing, it's because I am dead or nearly there. I swear to you.

    Blue Gal- Florida is a pretty good place. I am so honored to be in the company of Elizabeth. SO honored.

    Angella- Just as I feel like your family is mine. I swear- I do. I am thinking tonight of your girl in her Chef's Whites. I am thinking of how much I love you.

    Joanna- Don't worry. I can't. Thank you for being here.

    Elizabeth- Yep. We'll be tapping away at something. How could we ever leave this beautiful little village we have?

    Mwa- It makes us bigger than ourselves. Don't you think?

    Jo- And will continue to hang on until such time as we do...unfortunately...die.

    Ellen Abbott- Since our lives are so parallel, I know what you're talking about.

    Ms. Peace, Thyme- We all have something to say. We all have stories to tell. I swear.
    And yes- Owen is completely nesting. It's so interesting!

    Birdie- Girl. I'm here. Until I'm raptured. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  14. Yes, you are right. It feels like all the small things become more important. I just have trouble stringing thoughts together just now to get them down. I'm hoping the holidays will help.

  15. Are blogs dying? That's news to me. Although I do know a couple of people who have quit blogging and moved to Facebook exclusively, which, I'm sorry, is NOT THE SAME THING. Blogging is like long-form journalism, compared to headline crawls on TV, you know? I would never give up my blog and like you, I hope my blogger pals don't either.

    Love the "family photos." :)

  16. Mwa- You have to have more than two seconds to string thoughts together. The holidays WILL help. I'm sure.

    Steve Reed- So I hear. No. Facebook is not a substitute for blogs. AT ALL.
    Aren't the family photos ridiculously adorable? That ape he's hugging? That's his wife. He loves her "to death."

  17. I too have stayed busy and don't get around much to all the blogs that I used to. But there are fewer blogs too. I do read here. Thank you!


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