Friday, June 19, 2015

Sleepovers Which Do Not Necessarily Involve Sleep

Let me just say that the boys are incredibly cheerful in the morning. This makes sense with Owen because he sleeps like a rock. I read a bunch of stories last night to them and Gibson fell asleep before we were done but Owen was still awake and wanted the Mr. Peep story and so I told it to him and he fell asleep during that and that was the last we heard from him all night.
Gibson, on the other hand, woke up before I had a chance to fall asleep. He was itching. And crying. Okay.
I brought him to my bed. Boppy laid down and we all tried to sleep.
That boy. When he isn't kicking or thrashing, he's talking.
"Right here, baby."
"I need you."
"I'm right here."
"I need you hold me."
"Right here baby."
"Where Owen?"
"He's in the other bed."
"I want see him!"
"No baby, it's time to sleep. He's asleep."

Boppy finally gave up and went and got in bed with Owen.

"Right here, baby."
"Where Boppy?"
"He's in bed with Owen."
"In Mer's bed?"
And since I was half awake I said, "Yes."
This lead to hours of him wanting to go to Mer's bed despite the fact that we were in Mer's bed. I finally had to turn on the light and show him."

"What baby?"
"I need my water. Where my water?"
"I don't know, baby. It's time to sleep."
"I need my water!"
"Okay, I'll find it. Hold on."
"Right here baby."
I need you hold me."
Finally about six thirty he looked out the window.
"Mer! It time get up! Look!"
"No, baby. It's not all the way light yet. Time to sleep more."
"Right here, baby."
"I need you hold me."

Oh Lord.

And when it WAS time to get up, he was thrilled. Positively completely thrilled to start a new day and of course his grandfather and I were not. To say the least.
I finally had to wake The Rock up.
"Time to get up, sweetie," I told him, kissing his head.
"Time to eat pancakes!"
"No. We're not having pancakes. Cinnamon Toast Crunch."
"Yay!" (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is his current favorite food.) "And I can do the turkey call!"
"Yes. Yes you can."
"I had the weirdest dream, Mer!"
"Yes. First off, I was in Gibson's brain, then Boppy's brain, then Maurice's brain, then Luna's brain, then Nicey's brain, then YOUR brain."
"Wow! And did you see everything from all of those brains?"
And then on to the turkey call and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the joy of life.

Last night Mr. Moon showed Owen how to use a turkey call. He held that thought in his head all night long. He is thrilled because his Boppy gave him the turkey call thing. He scared me to death with it this morning because it's a device you put into your mouth and he called me and when I went to him, he stood there making a sound which could have been (especially for one who is completely sleep-deprived) confused with the sound someone makes when they have perhaps inadvertently swallowed a turkey call device. And was choking on it.


"I'm fine. That's how I call you with the turkey call."

"Okay. Whoa."

Breakfasts were eaten, clothes were put on, toys and books were packed, chickens were let out and fed scratch. Car seat transferred, boys buckled in, hugs and kisses given.
"I love you! I love you!" echoed back and forth as Boppy pulled out of the driveway.



I have to go to town today.
I have to take a nap today.

My god I feel old.


  1. OMG.
    Gibson is a turkey.
    God, I hope you're napping.

  2. I remember having two or three young grandkids for the night. I'd let them make individually pizzas, they'd 'help' me do dishes afterwards, we'd watch Barney or George of the Jungle or Narnia until I could recite every word of every movie, I'd give baths (and get wetter than they did), feed them snacks before bedtime, then listen for those peaceful sounds of sleep before I'd let myself drift off. I'd wake them up in the morning with pancakes and bacon (LOTS of bacon), then shower them with kisses when Mom or Dad came to get them. And I'd spend the rest of the day like I did when I was young and hung over...completely useless. Then the next weekend we'd get a call, and be thrilled to have them here again. My two grandsons spent the night last week (they're 13 and 15). We left them playing Mario Kart and went to bed at 10:30. I still kinda miss those days of fun followed by complete exhaustion.

  3. But what did he see in those brains?

  4. I hope your nap is delicious.

  5. I looked after my nieces a few weeks ago, and the youngest kept us up until four. I feel your pain. I'm not sure my brother will dare to ask me again in the next few months. :-)

  6. i took two naps today. one for me and one for you.


  7. Ah I love both those boys. I hope you napped but they sure are cute. Brains and hold me to dream about!

  8. goodness, I'm exhausted after reading your post of your night with the boys. Laughing and exhausted! I hope you got a well deserved nap today.... what a wonderful Mer you are
    Susan M

  9. Big Mamabird- It was...well. Something.

    Denise- Kids and old people. Why can't they sleep?

    Catrina- I'm a wimp. I'm completely done for after taking care of them for four hours. I swear to you.

    That Hank- I did not explore that but I wish I had.

    Birdie-Did not get one. Sigh. But it was restful, sitting in a hospital room. And peaceful too, mostly.

    Mwa- "I don't understand. He sleeps fine at his other grandmother's house."
    I'm thinking she medicates him.

    Mrs. A- I appreciate that, honey. I do.

    Joanne- I could not love them more. They are my heart. Even if one of them does keep me up all night sometimes. He won't always.

    Susan M- I try to be the best Mer I can be. I love them so much.


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