Sunday, June 7, 2015

I Got Nothing To Complain About

You know it's been a good day in Ms. Moon World when I have to take a shower before I take the clothes off the line because I'm too filthy to touch them.
Oh yeah.
I moved slowly today. It's been about 90 degrees out there and I'm not sure what it's been in full sun which is where I spent part of the day. So. Slow with lots of breaks. I bet I drank a gallon of water. I probably sweat a quart of it.
But. The new cucumbers are weeded and fertilized and mulched as are the new pole beans. The okra as well. It is not doing much, that okra. Just sort of sitting there. Hmmmmm....

Ah well. I picked some cherry tomatoes, some cucumbers, some yard-long beans. Now I'm too tired to cook anything but that's okay. We have plenty of leftovers.

Here are the young chicks in the flower and banana bed (not banana bread) right outside the kitchen.

I know. It's not a very good picture. I swear to you that the white one is beginning to look a bit like Elvis. If Elvis, Jr. was his daddy (or her daddy) then this would make sense. We shall see, won't we? I still very much miss my magnificent rooster. I think I always will. Roosters may come and roosters may go but there will never be another Elvis. 

Dear Lord I am exhausted. My husband has just pulled into the yard and the back of his truck is filled with pieces of brick. And I think I'm tired? What has that man DONE today?

Well, we have line dried sheets to sleep on tonight. I hope we can stay awake long enough to appreciate the exquisite pleasure of them. 

There's Maurice, doing what she's done most of the day. She did come out to check on what I was doing with a rake and a wheelbarrow in the front yard earlier. It looked like way too much work for her, though, and she returned to the back porch to enjoy the breeze under the ceiling fan. No need for clean sheets for that one. Give her a newspaper and a place mat to lay her body on and she's a happy cat. I guess. 

Oh yes. I love her. She doesn't care. 

Thankfully, I love my husband and he DOES care. 


That works out well. 

It's been a real good day. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Here too, and the waffles weren't bad, maybe a bit too much yeast in them...Have a good night.

  2. The juxtaposition of your tiredness with Maurice's sublime pose is perfect. He is too cute.

  3. A favorite kind of day. I fertilized all the pots today that make flowers. I think I see a bloom stalk emerging from one of the plumerias. Then I spent the day repairing wind chimes that I have scored from some recent estate sales I've been to. You wouldn't think it but it involved a stint in the hot shop with the drill press and a small grinder and lots of sweat but no dirt.

  4. Big Mamabird- I would recommend buttermilk waffles with a bit of soda in them. A lot quicker and very delicious.

    Joanne- Cats do not have a need to suffer. This is why I love them.

    Ellen Abbott- We're way too much alike. I swear.

  5. Last year I remember being amazed that you were harvesting parts of your garden so early in the year. This year we have already started on the strawberries and lettuce and just tonight I was commenting to my husband that the chard has grown huge. Ah, summer. It is hot but there is nothing like it.

    Maurice is looking particularly hard done by. Actually, I kind of feel bad for cats in the summer. I know they like the heat but this is heat the can't escape and it must be awfully hot under all that fur.

  6. I'm always a teensy bit jealous when I read about your diligent gardening. We've got some tomoatoes and a couple of vegetables in one raised bed, but the dryness of everything is so depressing, and I feel so guilty when I water.

  7. Oh! I hope there will be an Elvis Jr.!!!

  8. I think you may push me over that edge any time now. I already pruned a little in the garden on Saturday, but now I may just go for it, frogs or not.

  9. A truck full of bricks?! Yeesh!

  10. Birdie- I like heat but good lord- I can't tolerate it the way I used to. Maurice could sleep inside in the AC all day but she chooses not to. She DOES like the heat.

    Elizabeth- I feel a bit guilty too, when I water. And we're not suffering drought. I mean- is all this work and the water worth it? Probably more for my soul than for the food.

    Denise- It's quite possible.

    Mwa- You amaze me. Sometimes when I'm gardening, I realize I'm looking at a toad in the dirt and I always freak out a little bit. And feel bad about disturbing it. They eat bugs.

    Steve Reed- It has something to do with culverts and draining and oh, hell. I don't know what. But yes- an entire truck-full!
    The man is insane.


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