Sunday, June 14, 2015

Life In Lloyd, Part Whatever

Liz Sparks gave me this little cookbook the other day and it was printed up in 1984 and it is indeed from my Lloyd. I was so thrilled.

The Lloyd Extension Homemakers had a clubhouse and the building is still right down the road from me. There's a drawing of it in the cookbook, done by Martha Canady.

There's also a picture of it from 1958 that I found in the Florida Photographic Archive Collection online. 

And here is what it looks like this very day.

I walked down there and got a picture of it. When I lived in Lloyd, back in the seventies, that's where we went to vote. I voted for Jimmy Carter in that building. Unfortunately, Ronald Reagan won the election and I'm still so pissed off about that I can barely speak of it. Dude couldn't even ACT!
Well, la-di-dah and so forth.

The building is no longer in use as a Woman's Club which is very sad to me, but it is used three nights a week for AA meetings and that's a pretty good thing for it to house I would say. 

Anyway, the cookbook is a typical one of its era and as I was saying to Mr. Moon today, I wish it had more recipes for things like collard greens and fried green tomatoes or, actually ANY recipes for things like that instead of all of the crushed pineapple/Cool Whip/cream of mushroom soup types. 
"Everyone knew how to cook collard greens and fried green tomatoes," he said. 
Probably true. And every lady wanted to put in her fanciest recipe, I'm sure, so recipes with names like "Broccoli Supreme" and "Melt In Your Mouth Chicken" abound. 
Yes, there is cream of mushroom soup in both of those. 
There's even a recipe for Congealed Egg Vegetable Salad AND one for Potato Salad in Jello, both of which require a box of lemon Jello. 
No thanks. 
Now here's one that I almost desperately want to try:

It sounds so sickening that I can't EVEN (as the young people say these days) but what if it's the best thing ever? An entire BOX of powdered sugar? 
My heart beats faster just thinking about it. 

But there are some good-looking recipes for cakes and dumplings and even angel biscuits and I'm sure I'll use something from it one of these days. Especially if I'm in a gourmet mood. 

So I just wanted to talk about that and show you the pictures and while I was perusing the Florida Photography Archives I came across this picture.

That is Aetha Broxy and her sister Sebrina Broxy Nickerson in Lloyd, Florida, taken in 19--?
Aren't they lovely? Look at those clothes! 

It's been a very nice day, very laid-back. We did go down to the river and get in. There were so many people there, swimming and lounging and putting in kayaks and canoes. It was sweet and made me feel good about the diversity of my community. And the water was deliciously cold. We came home and may I point out that the saying on the front of the cookbook is one that I've heard all my life, although usually phrased as "Kissing Don't Last, Cooking Do," and after thirty years of marriage to this man it is my experience that kissing does indeed last and so do other things and tonight I'm going to make some fried green tomatoes and I don't need a recipe. Some things you just KNOW how to do and in fact, you get better at them as you go along. 

That's enough of that. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love this post, with its history that lives on.

    Those recipes though... god. My mother grew up eating Jello salads, dear GOD. The advent of MSG and preservatives... what it did to everyone in such a short space of time. Potato salad in lemon Jello, though... that's something else.

    These things always remind me of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and the spray that makes everything taste like chocolate chip cookies.

  2. I made potato salad today, but not in jello, thought I do secretly love jello! I am reminded of the white trash cookbooks, you've seen them, oh what fun a recipe book can be!!! I will have to fetch them down again now. Have you ever heard of mouse melons? I ordered some seeds, they arrived just recently, they are mini cukes, I couldn't resist, I hope they will make it what with our tiny growing season... I have started supplementing with gelatin, it helps a number of things, joints, hair and nails, I don't know what else. Oh my, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues- a blast from the past! Good night!

  3. I love this cookbook and everything about this post. And that dressing is outrageous. I think the celery seed is meant as a sort of relief?

  4. Jo- Did you know that MSG is like the world's oldest food additive?
    I had forgotten that part of Even Cowgirls. I never really liked that book. Perhaps I should try it again.

    Big Mamabird- I have no argument with Jello. Just don't put vegetables in it. Thank you.
    I have been craving potato salad. I should make some soon.

    Elizabeth- That and the grated onion. SERIOUSLY? Oh my god. If I ever make it, I will report in. Don't hold your breath.

  5. My sis in law, who I love dearly, was raised by a mom that went strictly by cookbooks. If it says bake for 35 minutes that's how long she bakes it, whether it's done or not. She never makes anything if it's not on a recipe card or in a cookbook. She called me the other day and said my brother told her to call and get my potato salad recipe. Uh oh! I have no recipe, and have never had one! I just use 'enough' of everything. I've got 15 people coming for a Father's Day cookout next Sunday, and six have already called to make sure I'm making my potato salad. Makes me feel good, I have to admit! Oh, and fried green tomatoes? I can eat 'em until I'm sick!

  6. foods shall not be suspended in jello-
    if that's not one of the ten commandments, perhaps it should be.


  7. What a great gift! I love those sorts of hometown publishing efforts. You must know some of the people who contributed to the book, right?

    I didn't get to vote in the Reagan/Carter election, but I DID get to vote for Walter Mondale in 1984. I was one of about twelve people who did, I think.

  8. Catrina- I'm not much for recipes myself but sometimes one will sound delicious and I'll try it. I've been craving potato salad...

    Mrs. A- Ha!

    Steve Reed- I don't recognize any of the names!

  9. I really adore seeing the history of a house, like this. I've often thought it would be so much fun to do genealogy on places :o) And those recipes are classic!

    Thank you!

  10. I love this ramble down history lane. Imagine the 1980s now qualify as history!

  11. Blogget Jones- You are so welcome. Thank you.

    Angella- I know. That sort of really freaks me out. I mean, even the image from 1958- hell! I was four years old!

  12. Kissing just sometimes takes a holiday, and then the cooking gets worse. Or is that just me?


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