Thursday, June 25, 2015

Luckiest Woman In The Entire World

Thank you, Supreme Court. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
I have friends and family members who are able to afford health insurance for the first time in their lives. People who work harder than anyone I know. People who should not have to lose everything they own if they get sick or hurt.
And thank-you, President Obama.
No. It is not a perfect program but it is far, far better than nothing. And why Republicans can't see that is beyond me. They would literally rather see people die than to back off their jingoistic, lobby-fueled, Obama-hating, tea-party-ass-kissing lines drawn in the sand.

Here we are.

And in Lloyd news, I sliced that tomato this morning. It's an heirloom tomato variety. The Cherokee Purple, and its color is such that vegetarians might be put off. I swear- it looks more like an organ than a vegetable.

It could indeed be accurately described as "meaty."

I toasted some of the bread I made last night and cooked some bacon. Miracle Whip (Mr. Moon's favorite) was applied generously to the bread. And salt and pepper to those tomatoes. 
My fellow was happy. 

"It tastes like a tomato!" he said. And it did. A real tomato, not one of those tomato-like things you buy in the store. 

I think tonight I will bake some focaccia bread and we will eat that with tomatoes and olive oil and basil. Maybe a little grilled eggplant. With mozzarella. And sliced cucumbers on the side. My god, we are so rich! 

I'm not leaving town today. Waiting on more word. I hate to be so cryptic but privacy must be considered and respected. 

And that's about it. I took a walk. The beauty berries have their tiny blooms. 

I want to weed today and I want to learn how to download audio books from the library and I want to write a real letter. Those are my goals. 

Not a bad life, is it? 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am grateful and relieved that the Supreme Court upheld the ACA. But tell me please why in the United States in 2015, we should be worried and making contingency plans over losing access to healthcare? Will there be other lawsuits over other aspects of the law so that we will again be worried and making contingency plans? I don't hear about Canadians constantly worried about losing healthcare. My husband and I are old enough to be on Medicare but I am under no illusions that the Republicans won't try to gut that too.

  2. We were given an heirloom tomato plant this spring, and it's in our garden. I, however, may a bit of a prude, because I can't fathom eating a purple or yellow or orange tomato. But that picture of that tomato sandwich has me drooling in a most Pavlovian way! I don't use Miracle Whip, except in the summertime. I buy a small jar and use it for my 'mater sammiches.' Mr. Moon just ate the perfect breakfasts!

  3. I would totally eat that meaty looking tomato, vegetarian or not. Nom. Real tomatoes of yore.

    Can I share my summer sandwich with you all? Lightly toasted soda bread, mayo, stacked with a layer of cucumber, tomato, avocado and lettuce. Salt. You have to wrap it up to eat it, but ohhh myyyy goddddd. It's really simple, and so so good. Salty and creamy and juicy and perfect.

    Sandwiches are great.

  4. Oh, I wish could've had a tomato like that today! I wrote a blog post many years ago, and if only I had access to the ACA those many years ago, I'm sure the lives of my husband and myself would've taken much different turns and we wouldn't have fled to Canada. You can find what I wrote here:

  5. I was also thrilled to hear the news about the ACA. It's an issue dear to my heart.

    Cherokee Purples are excellent tomatoes! I met the guy who discovered it a few years ago at an heirloom tomato tasting in Raleigh, NC. We had almost 300 varieties to sample! I'm anxious to find a home to buy so I can begin work on the garden I've been dreaming of for years. Heirloom tomatoes will feature prominently in it every summer.

  6. I love those purple tomatoes.
    Hooray ACA!

  7. Not a bad life at all. I want to taste that tomato!

  8. Florence- My hope and fervent wish is that even Republicans will come to accept that people want health care to be affordable. They want their Medicare. And that to vote to cut or underfund these things will not reflect well in the eyes of their constituents.

    Catrina- I don't think that not eating tomatoes of various colors makes you a prude. It just makes you different. And trust me- tomatoes of various hues and colors each have their own special and wonderful tastes. You should shut your eyes and try!

    Jo- That sandwich sounds fantastic. May I add onion to it?

    Sarah- And do you still live in Canada? Yep. We are still way behind.

    Jennifer- I would like to thank that guy! Such gorgeous, tasty tomatoes. And hardy, too!
    Yep. You need a garden.

    Denise- YES!!! On both.

    Mwa- Oh, I wish you could!

  9. No I'm the one that lives in Columbus, OH now. We have excellent insurance through my husband's employer, although I'm still getting used to co-pays after everything was "free" in Canada. I had a C-section with a four day stay, my son was in the NICU for two days and I paid NOTHING! Also, got my gall bladder removed free. That's not the case here. :(

  10. well, I held out for Medicare but I am thrilled for everyone else who can finally get care instead of dying or going bankrupt. as to that, I've been to the eye doctor and the dermatologist since being on Medicare (and my supplement United package) and neither trip cost me a cent where previously It would have cost me over $100 for the dermatologist.

    As for tomatoes, I rarely buy tomatoes in the store. tasteless mealy things that they are. I buy as many as I can during the farmer's market when they are available locally here and put them up for later use and lots of fresh eating.

  11. That tomato looks wonderful. We just picked our first ones here.


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