Tuesday, June 9, 2015


All the chooks are happy, happy, and there's a squirrel fussing in the tree over I don't know what and I should be getting ready to go pick blueberries with Lily and the boys. We might take a dip in the clear, cold Wacissa River when we're done and wouldn't that feel good?

So that is all and that's enough and good morning there wherever you are.

Love...Ms. Moon Whose Dreams Are Suddenly Better


  1. Great news re your happier dreams :)

    Life sounds jolly good where you are. Hope you had fun blueberry picking and bravely venturing into that chilly river...brrrr!

  2. Sounds great to me! Have fun! XO~

  3. Have you named the new chickens yet?

  4. I haven't been to pick blueberries in many years. I would love to go it if wasn't already hot enough to melt the pavement by 9 AM.

  5. Here in Illinois (aka The Arm Pit of the US of A), it's 93 degrees with about a gazillion percent humidity. Hubby had to do some stuff for my dad this morning, so just got started mowing our three acres. It's so freakin' hot that I nagged him into wearing his straw hat and fashioned an ice pack into a towel to wrap around his neck. I'm doing 'inside chores,' but keep looking out windows to make sure he's still on the mower. That dip in the river is sounding so good right now! So glad that your dreams are better. I don't usually remember mine, but last night's involved ice skating (which I cannot do) and canning okra (which I do not like).

  6. I didn't run over a groundhog crossing the road a few minutes ago. Life is good!

  7. I don' want to jinx it, but that thing you said was better, I'm very glad. I horribly cock-blocked myself out of a sex dream the other morning, I'm still furious at my sub-conscious.

  8. I'm having a great day too, despite the giant poisonous plant in my garden! So glad we are having better dreams, both awake and asleep. xxoo

  9. Desiree- I did!!!

    Sue Johnson- SO much fun.

    Birdie- No. Which is weird. I think I'm waiting to see if they're hens or roosters.

    Ellen Abbott- It was overcast today which helped and knowing that an icy cold river was waiting for us just a few yards down the road really helped. And we didn't push it.

    Catrina- Yep. That temperature and humidity sound familiar to me. And I, too, worry terribly about my husband working outside but he does it and that's the way it is.
    Strange dream!

    Not Blank- I agree! I bet that groundhog does too.

    Jo- I censure myself in dreams ALL THE TIME! I'm such a prude. Even in my sleep.

    Mel- I saw that! God! What a nightmare!


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