Monday, June 8, 2015

As I Hone Those Interview Skills

On my walk this morning I crossed paths with the guy with one leg. What's his name? I always forget. His sister is Shelly, his brother is the Sheik. Shelly told me that he lost his leg when a guy hit him with his car while he was walking. In his defense, the guy with the car said he wasn't trying to kill THAT guy, but a different one.
Anyway, we met on the little back road I take some days because there's a beautiful old house in a yard with magnificent old trees in it and I just like to look at that house, those trees. No one seems to be living there and I asked the guy if he knew who owned it.
"Nah," he said. "But it's old. It's been there since I was a child."
It's such a straight house. As in, all the boards still look just as straight and non-warped and strong as can be. When I see an old house like that, I assume it's REALLY old, made from good heart pine back in the day when there was such a thing.
Like my house.
We exchanged our greetings and asked each other how we were. Same as with the Sheik, his brother. I told him I was getting two new grandkids here soon and he told me I didn't look like a grandmother but that was just him being sweet. I look extremely like a grandmother. A grandmother crazy to be out walking in this heat but he was walking too and we were both sweating.
I was glad to see him, just as I'm always glad to see his brother, his sister. I don't know the brother whose house he had just visited. I said, "You have a big family."
"My mama had twelve kids," he said.
"Well, it's good to have a lot of family."
He gave me a look like, "Well. Maybe," and then he agreed with me and I laughed and said, "It can get complicated, can't it? Family."
"Yeah," he said, in his slow drawl. "It can."
We parted and I walked on, much faster than he, of course but dammit! I have two legs! If I had one leg, I doubt I'd be out walking. The human spirit is amazing.

My  boys came over. We didn't do a whole lot today. We did read a few books and went out and got eggs and Owen and I pretended to have magical powers of freezing, fire, saltwater, towels, and brooms.
I think you had to be there.
Gibson wanted to eat an egg so I cooked him one. Then he wanted another and so I cooked him another. Lord knows I have plenty of eggs. I interviewed him as he ate. All of my interviews sound the same. No one will be asking me to replace Barbara Walters any time soon.

I think he's so beautiful. I think both of those boys are just as gorgeous as two little boys can be. And I tell 'em that all the time. I'll probably think the two babies coming are gorgeous too and I'll be right. They will be.

We found a dead mole on the back steps, no doubt left there as tribute by Maurice. I buried it right next to the azalea that Lily gave me for Mother's Day. I hate finding dead moles. Their tiny digger-hands and funny little faces. They look so soft and I know they are. They all remind me of Mole in the Wind In The Willows, such a fine fellow.

Mole and Ratty and Mr. Toad. Such good friends for a child to have.

Well, that was what I did today. I walked and talked and I buried a mole and cooked two eggs and pretended to have magical powers. Oh! And smelled the spices with Owen. He asked if we could do that "for old time's sake like we used to do."
I swear. He really did. "Of course," I told him. And then we did.

We discussed the possibility of making cookies next time they come over. Chocolate chip with sprinkles. Or maybe gingerbread men. I said that it's a possibility.

Tomorrow we're going to pick blueberries. That'll probably last at least twenty minutes but I wouldn't mind having a few extra blueberries around.

And so it has gone. Another day of nothing-special/how-did-I-get-so-lucky?


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think the one leg guy's name is Willie??

    I think.

  2. Birdie- I think you may be right! Thank you!

  3. Do you and the boys know the book called "Chickens Aren't the Only Ones"?

  4. I remember two men, both minus a leg and they were both named Willie. And your duck.

  5. Smelling spices "for old times sake, like we used to do"

    So funny! That just makes me smile.

  6. You are correct: those boys are so gorgeous, and I loved that little video. So sweet -- and it made me miss my boys when they were little.

  7. Families are complicated, but you and Gibson and the egg seemed pretty straightforward. (Meant as a compliment. It's early here.) x

  8. You know, in all the time I lived in Florida, I never saw a mole. I used to see mole tracks and I know we had them in our yard, but I never saw the actual animal.

    I'm glad you're seeing the magic in your day-to-day life, because it IS magical!

  9. all small children are beautiful and then they grow up and become human beings. I should walk, heat or no but I don't. Life is good though.

  10. You're not special is pretty damn amazing.
    So glad you share it.

  11. Such a sweet pea little boy.

  12. Yes, thanks for sharing your beautiful days with us; it is all so magical. I don't get to see my granddaughter very often, would love to, its just the way it is. She'll be done school next week, so hoping things will change some. XO~

  13. You have the very best "nothing days"...truly! You have found the secret to a truly contented and happy's in the simplicity of day to day living, appreciating beauty it's many incarnations around you, and being genuinely appreciative and observant of the many blessings you have. You have a truly rich life, Ms Moon!

  14. A- No I don't! Should I?

    Birdie- At one time I thought they were both named "Bubba." Which would make a good name for a duck. Bubba Duck.

    jenny_o- When little boys sound like old men...

    Elizabeth- They are wonderful at every age but Jeez, three is pretty dang sweet.

    Mwa- Yes indeed. Gibson is pretty uncomplicated when it comes to his grub.

    Steve Reed- They stay underground unless someone (a cat) snatches them out.

    Ellen Abbott- I think I'm insane to walk sometimes. You are so right about the babies. It's like, "All kittens are cute and then they grow up to be cats."

    Denise- The older I get, the better the ordinary becomes. And the more precious.

    Jo- He's so cheerful!

    Sue Johnson- I am very lucky to have all my babies nearby.

    Desiree- It feels that way to me. Thank you.

  15. "Another day of nothing-special/how-did-I-get-so-lucky?"

    Perfectly put!


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