Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rambling Much? Also...Relationship Advice

Oh dear god and good morning. It's almost noon. The man and I stayed up too late last night and slept until 9:30. This is unheard of, especially for Mr. Moon.
We must have been worn out.
He's already on his way into town to help Jessie and Vergil put up cabinets in the kitchen. I, being the lazy slut of a woman I am, am not driving into town to help Jessie and Vergil put up cabinets.
Nor do I want to get out in the garden and pull weeds although I should but please- no.

All right. Plans are forming AS WE SPEAK! Lily wants to know if I want to go do a little Father's Day shopping and I guess I will.
Mr. Moon, of course, says he has everything he needs, especially if we drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma to buy a car he wants. Not tomorrow. But sometime.

I'm like...Tulsa, Oklahoma? He says it's a twelve hour drive.
I told him that's like at least three days. Four if I had my way.

Sometimes I really wonder why in the world we are so happily married. We're as much alike as chalk and cheese. Maybe that's why. I used to have a friend who took up biking. She loved it. She rode her bike everywhere and went on those day's-long bike tours. She was happy. Then her husband decided that he, too, would take up biking so that they could share this thing she loved so much. Suddenly, the whole thing became about HIM. His bike, his training, his flat tires.
She was not so happy. But what could she do? She didn't OWN biking.
I'm not sure how that turned out.

Anyway, la-di-dah and we meet in the middle, I suppose, this man and I. He brings me bales of hay and I clean out the hen house. He tills the garden and I weed it. I cook the food and he eats it. He supports me and I like it.
But I tell you this- sometimes we joke that would never in a billion years have tried to match the two of us. Good thing we got together the old fashioned way- in a bar.

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Trust your heart, not algorithms. I don't even know what algorithms are. Which, in reality is not a good reason not to trust them but I do know what hearts are and I do trust those.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You are so funny today! What a great post! LMAO! We are the same, the Big Bear and I. It is not a match made in heaven, but somehow for 47 years WE have made it work. Now that I am older, I only want to divorce him once a week, not every other day!

    Have a great week-end, Ms. Moon. Try to stay cool. Ta, ta........

  2. Oh my word yes. I would never put my husband and me together ever! He's an antisocial engineer, for fuck's sake. Yet we have three children together and have been together more than twenty years. It's ridiculous! But somehow works. And he's lovely when we get on. And solid and trustworthy when we don't. You're right. The heart will have the craziest things, but it will have them.

  3. Nor I and my spouse. She is helping a new friend install a ham radio. I am home with a mystery novel & Facebook and a cleaned fridge and a kitchen wastebasket full of science experiments to prove I am a Random Housekeeper a la author Peg Bracken. Forty three years and counting.

  4. Dave and I got together via a dating website, but I gotta say, it still mystifies me sometimes how that website put the two of us together! Having said that, I think it's critical for people to have their own tasks, their own space. I think one reason Dave and I work so well together is we do our own things - not to the exclusion of each other, but to maintain our individual identities. Which is basically what you're saying, I think.

    I wouldn't go to Tulsa, though. Let me just throw that out there.

  5. Ms. Peace- I hear you!
    It is impossible to stay cool around here. Life is one big sweatfest right now.

    Mwa- The heart surely will. Which is why I trust it. Mostly.

    Cathy H-S- When we find the right one, it all just somehow works out. And we are the lucky ones.

    Steve Reed- Yes. Exactly what I'm saying. Who wants someone glued to them all the time? God. Not me. I wouldn't want anyone around me all the time. Well, except when we go to Mexico and then we're together every minute for sometimes two weeks and damn- I love it!
    If we went to Tulsa, it would be far more about the road trip than the destination. But thanks. I will consider your words.

  6. Something I learned on our recent road trip? I bitch less when I drive and my husband hates it when I am upset in any capacity. It makes him uncomfortable to watch me struggle. That being said, when he navigates, (this is a new thing we tried this time!) he holds the map in the direction we are going. Like he doesn't keep north pointing north! After 28 years together, we ar still learning about each other.

    P.S. We also met in a bar. It was a one night stand gone horribly wrong. LOL!

  7. Heartinhand- That map thing? Genius! Maybe? I hate to drive my husband. He thinks I am about to crash at every moment. This arrangement does not work well for us. I read to him as he drives. This arrangement does work well for us.
    Hurray for those of us who met in the good old fashioned, traditional way!

  8. You sound perfectly well matched to me!


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