Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pondering Things In My Heart

Oh, Sundays.
I am completely without ertia today. That's not a word. But if "inertia" is a word, why isn't "ertia"?
Perhaps Mr. Moon has sucked up all the energy in the house. He's been at that cabinet all morning long, stopping only long enough to eat some waffles.

I found the waffle iron yesterday when I emptied the cabinets and this morning I plugged it in and voila! Banana pecan waffles.
So. I've done my job for the day as far as I'm concerned.

And now, because it is Sunday and because we are still celebrating certain newly-won freedoms and because it is one of my most cherished notions that nothing in this world is as huge a force for good and love and equality and joy and acceptance and understanding and communication and education and the tapping-into-the-huge-mystery-of-the-energy, and also, STYLE and BEAUTY as music is, I will repost this.

I could watch it all day. The eternally beautiful faces of human beings on this planet, the water, the trees, the storm coming in, the sky, the words, the wind, the joy, the instruments, the fingers, the throats, the arms, the call to stand up for rights, to be in wonder.

And I dedicate it to Bree Newsome who stood up for her rights. And for the rights of so many others.

We all know I am not a god or Jesus person but this act, this brave woman who just went and did what has needed to be done for so very long, humbles and awes me. And if her god sustained her and gave her courage, I say good for that god. And even more- good for that woman, that beautiful, strong woman.

Got a lot in my heart today. Maybe that's what Sundays are all about. I don't know but I do know it's a world of wonder, for sure.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That's a great song. And a brave woman. I'm sorry she didn't have more support with her. There should have been a huge cheering crowd.

  2. I have been playing catch-up. Such a huge amount of lovely, happy & thought-provoking material, it's not possible to comment on it all, but I am so glad your country has united behind legalising same-sex marriage. It has been legal in South Africa since November 2006, so it seemed incredible to me that the US has only now caught up! Hope you are going to love using your new dishwasher. I never imagined what a difference one could make until I got my first one. And...Mr Moon sure does have the longest legs I've ever seen :) He also has a wonderful smile! You looked gorgeous in your makeover makeup...I cannot believe you are 60, as you don't seem to have a wrinkle anywhere, and no turkey neck ;)

  3. I love thinking about that man, working patiently to install that dishwasher. He didnt call a contractor, no. He's doing it himself. He's a fine one, in all senses of the word!

  4. Jo- Well, I'm sure that if they could have publicized it, there would have been a huge crowd! As it is, the whole world can see it now! And we are cheering!

    Desiree- Yep. The US is slow in many regards. We are not proud of that but boy, when we get it right, we ARE proud. Isn't my husband wonderful? I think so. And honey- that picture is, despite (because of?) all the paint, one of the most flattering pictures of me ever taken. Haha! You just can't see the wattle, the wrinkles. They are here, trust me!

    Angella- He LOVES stuff like this. He learned carpentry and car repair and wiring and plumbing from his daddy who did it all too. He's having the time of his life. Yeah, I think he's pretty darn fine.

  5. Two of the most beautiful videos I've seen all week, the third being the President singing Amazing Grace, of course.

    I have been out of ertia for weeks and no permanent damage so far.

  6. Is there anything at all that either your or Mr. Moon CAN'T do? Honestly, ya'll might be the most perfect couple on the planet.

  7. Ms. Vesuvius- Oh my god. That video of our president singing is one of my top-five things ever in this world.
    Who needs ertia?

    Elizabeth- Oh god. HE can do anything. I can't do much.
    But between us, we are capable of a few things.

  8. Those Playing for Change videos always bring tears to my eyes. As you said -- the beautiful faces, the settings, people of so many different languages and cultures making incredible music together. They really do make me cry! (And I don't even like reggae!)

  9. Steve Reed- Aw. I love that those videos make you cry. Me too.

  10. I occasionally see people in MY part of the world with those stupid goddamn flags. They are repulsive. The flags too.


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