Friday, June 12, 2015

Reporting In

The good news is that Lily does NOT have a blood clot or a deep-vein thrombosis, which is what we were worried about.
The bad news is that she does have cellulitis. Which they are going to treat with amoxicillin. I hope that works because she is, as we all know, pregnant. Gibson seems to keep a staph infection going in his nose which I hear is quite common and who knows?
I don't know.
I do know that the symptoms for DVT and cellulitis are much the same- swelling, redness, heat. So it was good that she went and got it looked at because cellulitis can be potentially dangerous if left untreated. She was in the ER for hours but it could have been worse. Her vascular doctor does not work on Fridays and her Primary had no extra slots. Which is why she ended up in the ER but at least they could do an ultra-sound there on the affected area so that is probably where she should have been anyway.

Gibson and I spent a pleasant day playing games which means everything from doing puzzles to coloring. We read a Thomas The Tank Engine book more than once. When I left, I hugged and kissed him and said, "I love you, Gibson!"
"I love you, baby!" he yelled back.
Another thing he said to me today was, "I want to tell you a question."
I can't even remember what it was but it made me laugh.

Boppy/Boppa (the name seems to be in transition) reports that Owen is being the best, sweetest boy imaginable. That he is getting along with all of the other kids very nicely. That he is being the best boy that any grandfather could ask for.
I asked him how Owen was doing with the oldest girl who is about his same age.
"Like bread-and-butter," Mr. Moon reported. "Like bread-and-butter."
I'm mighty proud of that boy. And Boppy. Who is the best grandfather any boy could ask for.

And so it goes. I didn't get home until after six-thirty. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up some fancy pasta and will make a "garden medley" sauce to go with it from these lovelies which I picked a few minutes ago.

Not the eggs. Just the vegetables.

I noted that the first zinnia which is not pink or lavender has bloomed.

Bright enough? It's so funny how every one of the volunteers, seeded from last year's plantings are of the pink and lavender variety. I can't wait to get more colors from this year's planting. A red one is about to open. Liz told me yesterday that her granny grew enough food in her garden to feed a family of five year-round. She had a canning shed. But she always planted a row of zinnias which she called, "my purties." And she cut them and took them to decorate the church on Sundays.
I have never decorated a church with my zinnias but I've been decorating my house with them for almost forty years.

Speaking of flowers, here's a picture I took on my walk this morning of a swamp mallow.

Related to the hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, okra, and Confederate rose.

It's been a day of ups and downs but all has turned out well. Last night little red chick did not show up and this morning when I let the chickens into the coop from the henhouse she was still nowhere to be found. I had given her up for dead. But when I let the birds out from the coop she suddenly was just there, out of nowhere, and I am so glad.

I keep thinking about the fact that I could have been in Orlando tonight. I bet the energy there is intense and I almost feel as if I can feel it from here. But...I had a job to do today. I needed to stay with that boy while his mama went to the Emergency Room and Jason got off work to go with her but if I hadn't been here, he would have had to have taken care of Gibson which would have left Lily all alone and NO ONE needs to be in the ER by themselves. You simply cannot take a three-year old to that place for the hours and hours it requires unless it is absolutely necessary.

I wrote Hank today and said, "Everything's gone to hell since you left. You need to come HOME!"

He will be home tomorrow as will my husband and Owen. I sort of hate the word "synergy" but perhaps there is something to the theory. Again- I don't know.

I'm going to go cook some vegetables. I know how to do that.

Love...Ms. Moon


Did you know about this?

One more reason to live. Thanks, Bill. And Bruce too, whom I have had a sweet and tender crush on since Moonlighting. 
I might actually have to go to the movies.


  1. I just stopped in to see how Lily was doing but I am on my way out the door to see my daughter's play so I don't have time to read the whole post. I am glad it is not a clot but I am not glad she has to be on antibiotics. Can you take acidopulus when you are pregnant??

  2. It's good that Lily got that looked at - either diagnosis would be nothing to fool around with. Yay for "playing games" with grandson and for his budding sense of humour. No idea where he got THAT from :)

    That movie looks like something I would enjoy. I mean, Bill Murray, right? Funny man.

  3. I am so glad Lily is going to be ok and that she didn't have to go to the ER alone.

  4. All the best to Lily, oh that was a long day for her...Many thanks for the heads up about the movie, it certainly is titillating!

  5. I hope Lily feels better soon and glad she didn't have a clot. I posted a link earlier, but it disappeared. WFTV had lots of coverage on the concert earlier, they most likely will have more at 11:00 if you are up that late. Just google WFTV and you can watch live news broadcast. Gail

  6. Well Lily's diagnosis is better then a clot but not great. I hope she'll be ok soon. Yes, Gibson needed his baby. He is too cute.

  7. I crushed on Bruce in "Moonlighting" as well. I am sorry to hear about Lily, that is worrisome. Glad you were there for her and not in Orlando though.


    P.S. If my mom can lick cellulitis with her diabetes, 15% heart function and 0's on her vascular study, Lily should come through with flying colours, I'm thinking.

  8. Oh, I had not heard of that movie. Yes, indeed. We shall live a bit longer for sure.

  9. I am not planning to go to the movies until the movie Elizabeth mentioned on her blog comes out. I think it is called Suffrage.

    A I bet Lily is beyond grateful to have you here and not there. There was so many times that my mom came to the rescue.

  10. Oh, very good to hear Lily is going to be A-OK once her antibiotic treatment sorts out the infection in her ankle...she will be!

    It would seem your staying at home was "meant to be"...with hindsight, things mostly do work out the way they were meant to. And now you have the excitement of Hank, Boppy and Owen returning home tomorrow. Sweet dreams tonight, anticipating their return.

  11. I'm glad it was nothing to serious for Lily. and I'll have to see that movie.

  12. You are a good Momma and Grandma. So glad Lily got a diagnosis and knows what to do, and so glad you are there for her. I can't wait to see the new Bill Murray movie, I've got a lifelong crush on him and Bruce, and I'd watch anything Barry Levinson directs. The trailer is hilarious, thank you :)

  13. Birdie- I don't know. But I'm sure she's eating a lot of yogurt. She can ask her midwife.

    jenny_o- Both of these grandsons are just so full of joy and laughter. They really are. It just bubbles out of them. And yes- that movie does look good and actually, I love Willis when he does a comedic role.

    Angella- Right? Me too!

    Big Mamabird- You are welcome! And thank you!

    Gail- Thanks for the info! I hear they rocked it. Of course.

    Joanne- He's a darling boy. I swear he is.

    Stubblejumping Gal- I didn't see it!

    Invisigal- I'm sure you're right about the cellulitis. She'll be fine.
    "Moonlighting" was a terrific show. Until it wasn't.

    Elizabeth- We must!

    Birdie- That is the service we moms provide. As you know.

    Desiree- Well, if I hadn't been here, someone could have stepped in. I know that. But it did all work out well. Funny, huh?

    Ellen Abbott- Looks interesting. Hilarity will ensue, I am sure.

    Mel- I try to be. My kids and grand kids make it pretty easy.
    I'm with you on Bill and Bruce. I think it's going to be fun.

  14. The sky was really cloudy right before, but it cleared. I was happy it did for the ones that got to go. Gail


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