Monday, June 22, 2015


Was just about to take a walk when suddenly, the heavens opened up and to Maurice's and my bafflement, the rain began to pour down. You can barely even see the blip on the radar but here it is, water pounding the earth which is good. This ground is thirsty and we won't have to water tonight.
Thunder crashes and the air cools and the frogs are roaring their joy.

I have no obligations today and thus, I think I will actually do some housework. Yesterday Owen and I walked through all the rooms, looking for his shoes and I realized (suddenly!) that my floors are in dire need of sweeping. At the very least. We shall not even discuss the dust. Baseboards? Coated in Lloyd's black oily dirt dust. Spider webs everywhere.
Yes. I have plenty to do to keep me busy.

And suddenly, the rain is slacking off. I think I'll be able to take my walk in a few moments.

As we say in Florida- Don't like the weather? Wait twenty minutes, it'll change. Maurice and I wait it out. She closes her eyes, relaxed now that the worst is over. Suddenly (it would appear) she is sleepy.
But suddenly, another crash of thunder rolls across the sky.

Another day in Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Odd weather here too, Ms. Moon. Yesterday we were in Denver with our son and it was 102 degrees. Couldn't wait to get back to my mountain. Today, it was to be 83 on my mountain. Well, I am just about to go turn the fans off in the greenhouse (my Peace Thyme Garden) because, at one o'clock, it is only 63 degrees! Go figure. You have a nice day now.

  2. Thunder. Rain. Frogs. What is the name of this strange land in which you live?

  3. For once no rain here today! Just a red sky

  4. Maurice looks like she is expecting you to do something about that rain.

  5. we have had nothing but rain this year and baby frogs and toads scatter at every step.

  6. The dirt does seem to pop up out of nowhere, like the rain. We had our version of that storm about an hour ago.

  7. Ms. Peace, Thyme- That is EXTREME. Good Lord!

    Denise- Rain Forest Land?

    John Gray- Do you all have that saying that we do? "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning?"

    Birdie- I got that same feeling.

    Ellen Abbott- We'll be there in a week or so. I know we will. It will be Biblical.

    MessyMimi- It comes out of nowhere, it leaves quickly. So strange.

  8. I love summer rain. We dance outside. Except now my littlest is scared of thunder and fast rain so I stay in but he will soon learn to love it too I hope. He used to not like mushrooms! He unlearned that fast as well.


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