Friday, June 26, 2015


Even before I read the fantastic news this morning, my heart felt so full of love. That's what I texted my husband just awhile ago: "My heart is so filled with love for you."
We fell asleep last night, close together and after thirty years of marriage, this still makes me feel at peace and content and safe and good and so very fortunte.
When I was a child, only couples of the opposite sex could experience that feeling with their life-long love as a given. Homosexuality was considered by many and certainly by the church and the law as a sin, a shame, a thing to be hidden. Where was the space in all of that for peace, contentment, safety and goodness?

And yet, in so many cases, love prevailed even then.

And then again, how many lives were destroyed because it could not?

Today, THIS DAY, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States of America said no to the haters, the throwers of sin-talk, those who use their religion to rationalize their fears and ignorance, their inability to accept that love is love and all human beings are deserving of the right to join together with their life-long love in the light. They declared that there is no rational nor legal reason to prevent same-sex couples from being married.

I am awed that this has happened in my lifetime. And pleased beyond measure.

So let us not talk about those who would condemn this opening of doors and windows and arms and hearts. Let us celebrate love and light. Let us celebrate those who merely want to be able to lie in the arms of their love, to be able to raise their families in dignity and with the rights and benefits of all families. Let us glory in this moment and remember all of those who fought (sometimes to the death) to have the right to come out of the darkness in which society has tried to hold them in.

It is no longer "the love which cannot be named."

It is simply, merely, astoundingly, miraculously, profoundly, love.

Equal dignity in the eyes of the law.

Amen and Hallelujah.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. AMEN! My cousin and her partner have been together 30 years, just a few months shy of hubby and me. They've had to spend thousands of dollars to make each other a partner in the eyes of the law. They live in Florida, and could have married a few months ago, but they're waiting for our annual trek down there to make it official. I'm so happy! I got on a Facebook post where a woman said, 'if someone disrespected your Father, wouldn't you be upset?' I countered with 'your Father also said ye of no sin cast the first stone, which basically means leave the judging to me.' The heifer deleted my comment! LOL

  2. After a terrible, awful, no good very bad week, this news is the best possible news ever.

  3. So because I am now the Human Ostrich keeping my head in the ground because my mind heart and soul cannot take it anymore, Mia just came down and told me the news.

    Mia is 13 now. And sometimes she likes girls.

    I haven't felt such heart opening overflowing warmth in my heart for so long. I smiled big. I kept repeating ohmygodimsohappy

    Mia just kept nodding her head and smiling at me.

    And my next thought was "I have to see what Ms Moon said"

    I am so glad our hearts can overflow together


  4. Catrina- Oh, the heifer should just grow up! Which would make her a...cow? Haha! Congratulations to your cousin and her partner on their upcoming (and at long last!) nuptials!

    Ramona- I do not like hearing that it's been that sort of week for you. Not one tiny little bit.

    Michelle- My love! Oh, I miss you and I am so happy you came out to play a little today in the sunshine of this good news. Thank you! (Kathleen used to say that she was such an ostrich that she carried her own bucket of dirt around with her to stick her head in.)

  5. I've been so happy seeing the photos and posts on facebook today. I even tried to read the entire ruling, but I made the mistake of skipping ahead to the dissenters, and after reading one decided to ignore them for today and instead just be happy.

    I've been thinking with a huge smile of my gay friends today, my college and work buddies I've grown up and old with, some who knew they were not hetero from the get go, and others who had no idea they were not until they fell in love, and realized that gender was irrelevant. They have all stayed in committed relationships, longer than most of my hetero friends, actually, and they are some of the best parents and families I know. I'm so happy love won one for them today. That they no longer have to suffer discrimination, or have the border invalidate their union, or have to travel away from their home state to get married. Hooray for them, and for the gentle but maddening slow pace of progress. Hooray for you for writing such a beautiful and perfect post about it for us.
    Love. xo

  6. Darling Mary, this post is absolute perfection. What a glorious day!

  7. No more "gay marriage" or "same-sex marriage". Just marriage. Yay!

  8. It's an Amazing Grace kind of day. Peace and love!!

  9. health care, marriage for all. now if they will just legalize marijuana.

  10. What a momentous day in so many ways. I am glad that people can just love each other and have the legal rights of others who have been married. What a great thing.

  11. This decision thrills me. Glad to have witnessed it.


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