Thursday, June 4, 2015

Another Day

Yes. I use frozen dumplings when I make the Southern kind. I google-imaged the kind I used and here's something funny- the image that came up was one I'd posted on my blog two years ago.

I'm just a cook, not a chef. No one will ever confuse me with Julia Child.

I watched some of the interview with the Duggers last night.
It only made things worse.

Last night we took the young chicks into the henhouse and set them down to sleep there. They were soft and light as you would imagine a young chick to be.

I'm going to go take a walk.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry I didn't get here last night, I could have used that chicken soup. I had cottage cheese for dinner. My shoulders and neck have been so tense with stress that I am dizzy and a bit sick to my stomach. Your soup would have cured me for sure (even if in only virtual universe).

    You are so lucky you can sleep - I can only do that with medication. But just knowing that you slept it off, even if only for a little while) makes me feel better. I hope the rest of your day was better too. I'm sure everyone was ecstatic with your lovely soup. Even though it was produced under a trying state - it was undoubtedly full of Love, the best seasoning of all - well, that and tears.

    Hope your walk was a good one today. x

  2. I hope you enjoyed the walk! I'm going to start trying to do that with my daughter, and am hoping my eyes cooperate! It'll be an adventure!

    Writing down that dumpling brand.... If I can find them here, they'll come in handy!


  3. Feeling a bit out of sorts here today. Not sure why but I cannot seem to get motivated. Maybe I need a nap.

  4. Feeling a bit out of sorts here today. Not sure why but I cannot seem to get motivated. Maybe I need a nap.

  5. The Duggar thing is just too much pollution. Too much.

    One of my book club ladies is from Florida and moving back there next month. Jacksonville, I think. We are reading The Yearling in her honor. Of course I think of you.

  6. Liv- My walk was good in that I did it. Beyond that- it was hot.
    If you have to take medication to sleep, so be it. Whatever it takes!!!!

    Blogget Jones- Walking feels right for me. There are other frozen dumpling brands. I just like these.

    Syd- That's always my default thing to do if I get the chance.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I hope you like the book. It is one of my most favorites. And Marjorie Kinnan Rawling's home is one of my favorite state parks. I think I love this house that I live in so much because it reminds me a bit of her house.

  7. I imagine the D interview gave plenty of people triggers. Turn that shit off. There's no one who's going to save that fucking shitshow.

    Maybe dumplings will save the rest of us.

  8. I'm avoiding that whole Dugger story. I don't think I've ever seen them on television -- only read about them -- and that's enough.

    I wonder if Mary Hill was a real person? Or maybe she's a Georgian version of Betty Crocker?


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