Sunday, June 7, 2015

And My Hand Is Still Swollen

The pinky purple phlox have just started blooming which means that soon my whole yard will be that color.

These plants are not what I would call invasive but I might call them easy-spreaders. I brought these from the last yard I had and they were all given to me originally by my next-door neighbor there. I still take the time occasionally to dig up a few sproutlings and plant them in other places in the yard. It's hard not to love them. 
You stick them in the ground, water them once or twice if it doesn't rain and that's all it takes. 

I really should look into getting some different colors though. 

So, here it is, Sunday again. And yet again I have a full day of not-much planned. A little weeding, some fertilizing, bean and cucumber picking. I might go crazy and scrub the toilets. And hang the sheets on the line. 
Yep. Exciting life.

The young chicks are growing ever-more bold and are exploring different parts of the yard. This morning they were some of the first out of the hen house. I still have no clue as to whether they are male or female but I have a suspicion that whichever they are, they both are. Does that make sense? Neither one have much larger feet than the other, the comb sizes are about the same, and it seems to me that their feather development is running apace. They are starting to run towards me when they see me, having already learned that I am the main mobile food dispensing unit around here. I can't even begin to fool myself that my chickens like me. They like what I give them and that's the simple and whole truth of it although I do adore them. This is not unlike my cat who deigns to sleep with me just often enough for me to retain the slightest belief that she likes me at least a tiny bit. The other night Mr. Moon and I were talking about her and how she wakes us up at night and bites us and attacks our hands and I ended up saying, "But I love her."
This is the way it is. At least cats and chickens do not emotionally destroy us if we love them more than they love us. And they provide us with endless entertainment and in the case of chickens- eggs. So in reality, it is healthier and more productive to love animals which do not really give one shit about us than it is to love humans who just don't care and are capable of inflicting a great deal more pain than simple love nips. 

What the hell am I talking about? I have no idea. The same as usual. Chickens, cats, plants, flowers. 

The sound of the lawn mower is heard in the land, the voice of the chicken is temporarily silenced. They must have already made their napping beds in the dirt and have settled down to a lazy Sunday, their egg-laying duties over for the day. 

Peace, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Sunday. I have to pack today as i'm traveling tomorrow. Little tendrils of anxiety are curling around me. I know you understand, and that helps.

  2. I, too, am an easy spreader.

  3. Angella- Oh my god. I certainly do! I know you'll be fine and YOU know you'll be fine but that really doesn't stop those tendrils, does it?

    Rebecca- I thought the same thing about myself as I wrote that. And of got it.

  4. I seem to have the same phlox- purple/pink, depending on the weather conditions, it's been here much longer than me, spreading along the back edge of the yard...Bought a rose plant today(!!!), a yellow Texas type, fragrant and hardy as hell. I dug and dug for that plant and hauled buckets of good dirt and compost, whew. A new waffle maker machine and I are waiting for a yeasted batter to be ready to cook. I have high hopes for both machine and batter. Hugs, Carroll

  5. HI!!!!! I missed reading your blog.
    Sorry about your hand.
    I love all the pictures.

  6. Does Mr. Moon love Maurice yet? Does she love him?

  7. Big Mamabird- They're hardy, aren't they? I don't really have enough sun here for roses. Wish I did. I love them. The heirlooms that don't require much, at least. Hope your waffles came out nicely!

    Denise- My hand is fine. I'm glad you're back although...if you had decided to run away into the depths of Alaska I would have been silently cheering you on. And I would have understood.

    Birdie- Yes. Mr. Moon does love that cat although he won't admit it. But when she sits in his lap he calls me to see. It's a rare sight. But a nice one.

  8. Birdie- Don't feel bad. I call her him about half the time.

  9. I know what you are talking about. I spent the morning loving people more than they love me back, and I had to go have a nap after just to keep going. Sometimes it's as if you write your blog just to heal me. (How's that for narcissism?)

  10. Mary, you gotta check out Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist. He's so entertaining. Most neurotic cats EVER, and he magically fixes them every time. Such a fun show.

  11. Mwa- Who knows? Maybe that's the entire reason I write. If so- hurray!

    Jo- I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

  12. Jackson Galaxy is very good. He takes awful, snarly, bitey, scratchy, murderous beasts that most people would actually put down and turns them into purr babies.

  13. I suppose it IS emotionally safer to love animals, but even that brings its own kind of pain. Love is like the proverbial Little Girl with the Curl Right in the Middle of her Forehead: When it's good, it's very, very good, but when it's bad, it's horrid.

  14. Birdie- Ah, well. I love Maurice the way she is. And she tolerates me so it's good.

    Steve Reed- You are very correct. All love eventually involves some pain, no matter what.


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