Monday, June 15, 2015


As I was driving Owen back to his house after our supper out, he told me this:
"You have to follow your own spirit to tell you what to do."
I swear. He said that.


  1. These boys. My son often startles me with inner wisdom like that too - I so fervently hope that these are the children of the future.

  2. from the mouths of babes. children know. and then we teach them that what they know is wrong.

  3. OMG Owen knows. He absolutely has the answer. I should have read this before I commented (extensively) above.


  4. Owen is being carefully taught and lovingly guided, that much is clear, and he is wise enough already to take in what is good and true. What a great big brother/ big cousin he's going to be!! And already is!

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