Friday, January 15, 2016

We are in Apalachicola and our hotel (not the Gibson) doesn't have wifi in the rooms so I am posting from my phone on a dock on the Apalachicola River. 
I just want to let folks know that Owen's surgery went well and he is home with his family. 
It was a long, long day and tough on the little guy and his mama and daddy. Maggie and I hung out together a lot and that was fine for me and her. She slept and I cuddled.

But now Mr. Moon and I are here and we're going to go get our supper. It looked like this on the way down. 

It is so still on the river tonight and we are hungry and I think we shall sleep well tonight. We will wake up and this river will be right outside our room and perhaps the dolphins will be moving through, the shrimp boats coming in or going out to the Gulf. 
We are in the right place. 
The bed is sort of small. 
We'll deal. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. WHat! You're calling her Maggie! Oh this makes me unreasonably happy.

  2. I'm glad all is well and that you're taking a moment to breathe.

  3. Glad to hear that all is well. What a beautiful baby and a beautiful sky. Both pink!

  4. One day this will all be a story for everyone to talk about. "Remember when Owen fractured his elbow and had to get surgery when Magnolia was born?" And everyone will laugh. But right now it is not funny, only exhausting. So, sleep well Moon family. xo

  5. I am so glad Owen is okay. I am sure you will sleep like a log tonight. No dreams please. Love little Maggie.

  6. Peaceful pictures to match a happy resolution.
    And love those cheeks on Miss Maggie.

  7. Many blessings to Owen, may he heal quickly and you have a wonderful time away.

  8. my grandson had to have pins in his elbow though he was a good deal older. glad everything went well. I wish I was sitting on a river bank myself. been too long.

  9. Oh the sheer beauty and loveliness of the two of you an a weekend away...
    Glad all went well in surgery. x

  10. So sorry about Owen. Poor little guy having to have surgery. Rest well and snuggle close.

  11. Glad to know Owen is ok. That picture of the drive down is awesome.

  12. So glad Owen is doing well.
    Beautiful news.
    Beautiful photos!


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