Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Good Mood Is Sometimes A Mystery But Always A Miracle

I was in such a despairing mood last night, despite my good day with my children and grands that I got in bed before ten and then decided I'd better check the weather on my phone and I did, only to find out that it was supposed to get down into the upper twenties here which necessitated me getting out of my warm and cozy bed and throwing on some clothes and going out to the front porch to cover the plants still out there.
This did not make my mood one bit better.
I have been trying to do a bit of a wean off my antidepressant to see if that makes a difference in these horrible dreams I've been having. It's such a fine line, knowing whether life is better on them or off. Sometimes the dreams are so horrible that they affect all of my waking moments but sometimes my waking moments are so horrible from anxiety and depression that sleeping is the only thing I want to do.
It's a conundrum.
So anyway, last night I was thinking that no, this has not been a good idea but today I've woken up in one of the best moods I've been in in forever so who knows? Not me. Not me, baby. Not me.

But here I am and it is bright and cold and I've taken the trash and am on call to go help Lily if and when the clinic calls her back to bring Owen in.

Okay. So I want to talk about this new smart key thing that came with my Prius. I thought at first that it would be stupid but I have changed my mind. Do you realize how much time we spend fumbling for our keys? I had no idea. But now I do because I don't have to fumble for them anymore. As long as they're in my purse and my purse is in my possession or beside me in the car, I don't need to touch them. I can lock and unlock the car without even punching a button which is about the laziest thing I've ever said but it's wonderful. And all I have to do to start the car is to push the Power button.
So I have come around to thinking this is genius and I don't care how that makes me sound.

Goodness me. Jack just showed up for a bit of breakfast. I am starting to believe that this cat lives somewhere else. Or, at the very least, is a multiple-family opportunist. Mr. Moon and I are rethinking our plan on having his balls nipped off. I mean...what if he goes to his real home without his balls? Okay, so the world wouldn't come to an end but there would be confusion.

This all sounds so silly and shallow and rather pointless but so is my life sometimes.
Anything going on in your life you'd like to report in on?
I'd love to hear about it.

Yours Truly...Ms. Moon


  1. I agree with your about the fantastic key fob thingy and we also have a front door with a shlage (manufacturer) keypad, so basically we don't use a key for the front door. Not something I would have chosen but the house came with it and lo, it is awesome. No getting locked out. No even thinking about a key. Good luck with dream scenarios improving. Good sleep is such a blessing. :)

  2. I am rejoicing in having a standard electronic fob after years of having bog standard keys since my daughter lost mine as a toddler. I often wish it would open the front door too.

    Ease of passage is always good.

    Jack most likely belongs to somene. My friend's cat was two-timing her and she never knew til one day she came home with stitches and a shaved patch. I think it happens a lot. They're faithless little feckers really :)

  3. I have a 1997 Toyota and a keyless entry is so far away nobody has even imagined it yet.

    I am also weaning off my medications and so far no problems. However, the anxiety around weaning off is getting to me. If I do go off and need them again it will take weeks to feel better again. I don't know what the answer is.

    There is nothing going on in my life. Really. Nothing. I am going to have a nap soon.

  4. I was going to suggest you send a note home on Jack's collar (if he wears one), then I thought, naw, even I wouldn't do that!

    Good luck with the anti-depressant choices. Have you tried any others? It's such a long process to try a new one, I know from my daughter's history with them.

  5. I have keyless entry, and when I first got it, I'd sometimes get out of the car with it still running. Be careful of this!

  6. Cats do that kind of thing all the time. They're sly opportunists all right.

    Today is a cold day a few miles north of you. It's been a day for homemade soup, books, knitting, and sitting by the fireplace. It got down to 20° here last night and is supposed to do it again tonight.

    Stay warm, Ms Moon.

  7. I happy about your good mood today. In fact, I am basking in it. Love.

  8. I'm freaking out slightly - publisher-related - and having gin&oj. Yum.

  9. Silly, shallow and pointless are words I would never use to describe you or your posts .

  10. Sarah- Who knew? And I have a bit of a neurosis about locking my keys in the car and this just makes that problem disappear! As long as that key is IN the car, I can unlock that bitch!

    Jo- They so are faithless little feckers although Luna has been pretty faithful for seventeen years and Maurice seems to get very upset if we leave town.

    Birdie- There is a LOT going on in your life! You are healing! One day you'll get a car with key like this. You will love it!
    Medications. They save us. They torment us.

    jenny_o- The other antidepressants I've been on have caused dreams like this too. Ugh. And no, Jack doesn't wear a collar.
    I don't mind feeding him. He's a nice guy.

    Elizabeth- I'm extremely aware of that possibility and the car does beep if you open the door and it's still running so that's good because with the Prius, you can't always hear the engine.

    Jennifer- You stay warm too, sweetie!

    Angella- When it happens, it is such a glory!

    Mwa- That does sound good! What's going on?

    Leisha- Thank you. I really appreciate that.

  11. My husband's car keys are like yours, and they are fantastic. No matter what size purse I carry, the keys always hide. Who knows what else we're missing out on!

    Hope the med wean helps those dreams. They really suck don't they?

    And we had a cat that would leave us periodically, and we learned she was visiting several neighbors for days at a time. Crazy kitty.

    Not much new in my life except my bum neck acting up again and I'm relearning how to deal with the pain, and to navigate the medical cost of getting it looked at. Thanks for asking! And thanks for writing, reading your posts always makes me smile. :)

  12. I used to love to drive, but now I'm totally ready
    for self-driving cars, although my Subaru will do that a little bit and I never use that feature, lest I space out too much (I thought YOU were driving) or it fails...

  13. I have a hybrid and I love all things you mentioned about your Prius. And,like Elizabeth, I've left mine on a couple times but it beeps when I try to lock the doors as you said so I've been saved. I'm searching for rides at night these days cause I have cataracts and am awaiting cataract surgery but for now night driving is very hard. I hate asking for things so it's hard for me and I've been dropping out of a lot of night time activities lately. I'll have the surgery on the 11th and then I'm not sure if I can drive with one eye done or this will get worse until the other eye gets done or what. Doc says healing for me will be 2 weeks per eye since I've had corneal surgery before. That's my goings on...

  14. How about you attach a note to Jack and see if anyone answers?

  15. Those smart keys make me a little nervous, though. I mean, I just don't trust them. What if they stop transmitting (or whatever they do) or what if someone else has one similar to mine? Can they open my car? I used one when I borrowed my stepsister's car and the whole idea seemed simultaneously intriguing and worrisome.

    Maybe you can attach a collar to the cat with a note that says, "Hi! Do you mind if we remove this cat's balls?"


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