Friday, January 1, 2016

Being Busy

Well. Good morning and Happy New Year, etc.
After a very long night's sleep and a few moments of waking up, I have hit the ground running. I made a late breakfast and cleaned up and have picked those greens you see which are in the sink, waiting to be rinsed again and then chopped and put into a giant pot with onions and tomatoes. The black-eyed peas are already simmering and I have plans to make bread and rice and a hippie apple cake to go along with it all. Lily and the boys will be coming out as well as Jessie and Vergil and relatives who are visiting them. And...who knows? There will be plenty for all.

And Owen and Gibson are spending the night tonight which will give Jason and Lily one last date night before this new one comes along.

The weather is cooler but as gray as the two gray cats who now seem to live here. For some bizarre reason, Mr. Moon has taken to Jack which is just beyond my ken. And Luna has decided to be a more active participant in life and is spending all of her time on my back porch table. Maurice is unhappily perched on a deck railing, watching all and looking pissed.

When I was a child and imagined the world when it left off being the twentieth century and started becoming the twenty-first, it never included me being so busy. Actually, I had grave doubts I would be alive. And yet, here I am, still apparently very much alive and never seemingly still and certainly not sitting in a rocking chair with my feet up.

This is good, I suppose.

All right. Eat your beans and your rice and your greens. Enjoy your day, whether it be slow or hurried.

Much love in 2016...Ms. Moon


  1. Hippie apple cake? Sounds like a lovely day.

  2. You are going to have to put up a no vacancy sign for cats. How many is that now? 4?

  3. Every cat needs a supporter; I'm glad Jack has Mr Moon!


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