Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another Beautiful Day In Paradise

On my walk last week I froze in astonishment at the sight of completely cleared acres of sandy ground where a few days before there had been completely undisturbed woods.
Anyway, they're still clearing and I guess the pipe dream of building a huge regional sports complex for youth tournaments and I don't even know what all is going ahead. Adventure Land and a mini golf course and a zip line! And hotels!
Say what?
I wasn't too worried when I first heard about it because it took almost two years to get a mile of proposed sidewalk put in.
But, I guess it's happening. There's a meeting at the old Woman's Club at one this afternoon about it and so I am attending. This is definitely going to affect us. How and how much, I am not sure but it will. I am torn in my feelings because although I would love for all the woods to stay just as they are, Jefferson County needs revenue badly. And jobs. Even minimum wage jobs. I think the women's prison near Monticello may be the biggest employer in the county as it stands now which is pretty dire.
So. I've had my walk and it's time to get cleaned up to walk down to the meeting.

I'll let you know what's happening in Lloyd as soon as I find out.


  1. Excitement! Sad to see woodland go too, though. Maybe they'll build a pool?

  2. I always feel sad when I see land cleared. It's a big problem here for wildlife , loss of habitat.

  3. I was raised among the trees and love them. I just feel sad when trees are being cut down because when does it end? Trees are the earth's lungs.

    Am I being too left?

  4. Unfortunately, it's not a women's prison anymore. When it was, I got the best helpers in the world at the Opera House. Those women worked like crazy and I always tried to do something nice for them. It's the best the OH ever looked!
    Now, it's just mowing men. Sigh.

    Anxious to read your report.

  5. oh bummer. if you got there by walking it will definitely impact you. I'm surprised you didn't hear the tearing and grading.


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