Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Real Housewife Of Lloyd: How It's Done

Well, thank you dear baby Jesus, I took a walk this morning. Been gone for a week from the trail and wouldn't you know? Some fucking asshole has dumped more trash. I've reported this stuff to the Jefferson Co. sheriff but of course that's a pretty low-priority situation.

Anyway, I'm glad I walked. It satisfies my need to suffer, as I have so often said before. I think I will put on my overalls and go clean out the hen house. Those gals are pooping up a storm these days. I have no idea what's going on there but maybe it's simply that the longer nights call for longer roosting times which means more poop. Mr. Moon is working on things at home today and that always makes me feel as if I am being spied on. He'll know what it is that I actually do around here which is not much. So after the hen house is all spick'n'span I think I'll get the Rubbermaid cart and my clippers and clean up dead stuff in the yard. That'll show him!
Maybe after that I'll spray a little Fabuloso around to make him think I actually cleaned something.

Nah. Not really.

Oh boy. He's coming in from the garage. I better get off my ass.

I suppose I can rule out a nap today too.


Oh wait. I can always talk him into taking one with me. I'll ponder that as I scrape chicken shit out of the nests.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hey, I SWEPT.

    And that's it. Although I might iron napkins, something I haven't done since I left my mother's house.

  2. I am sure you can talk Mr. Moon into a nap. ;-)

  3. Beth Coyote- I have been doing some ironing lately. It makes my husband so happy to have ironed shirts. But I'm not going to iron napkins. No way!

    Birdie- I didn't even try. He was too busy nailing.

  4. You have a very industrious man there. And you are the same. its inspiring!

  5. You might be the laziest person on the Internets.

  6. @Birdie - That's what I was thinking too!
    I always think that when Babes is working at home. That he's judging me for being lazy. Which makes me somehow angry at him.

  7. I doubt that Mr. Moon thinks you're slacking!

  8. I do like a nap whenever I can grab one. And I can usually talk C into taking one with me. You are one of the least slack people I know.

  9. Angella- Once that man gets working on a project, that is all he does. He puts me to shame.

    Denise- Well, it was okay. I took my nap alone.

    Birdie- It would have been if he'd gotten off the roof.

    Elizabeth- I know. Sigh...

    Steve Reed- I hope not!

  10. Syd- I don't know. I sure can take a simple chore and turn it into a life event. It's my super power.


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