Thursday, January 28, 2016

Turns out that my septic tank is about five feet from my back porch steps.

Who knew?
Not me.
Anyway, all is well and properly taken care of and the stench is dissipating as we speak. Those guys who did the job are prodamnfessionals. And very pleasant men.

You know what's not pleasant? Luna. Luna the ancient cat is not pleasant and she is driving me crazy with this wanting to be on my arm while I type which is bad enough but then she shakes her head and her drool (she's always been a horrible drooler) goes everywhere, including into and onto my laptop as well as onto my personal body.
I'm sorry. My patience with her is coming to a quick end.
Now if only she would.
Sorry if that offends you but let's just say the Rainbow Bridge can't pop up soon enough for her to scamper on across to suit me.
I think she'd be pretty happy about that too. She doesn't even meow anymore. She squeaks like an aging rodent.
At least she hasn't peed in the house again recently.

The high point of my day, besides getting the septic tank pumped in a timely manner, was buying a new book for August at the library where they sell a few books for cheap.
As I was stirring the rice for our supper, Mr. Moon said, "I've almost finished my book."

The fun just literally never ends around here.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mr. Moon's comment has me laughing.

    Would Luna allow you to put her in a carrier and take her to the vet to hasten her way over the Rainbow Bridge? She sounds pretty wild and I doubt she would allow that. If a cat doesn't want to go into a crate it won't go into a crate.

  2. Mr Moon is funny .... Oh poor old Luna , aging is hard( I empathise with the cat dribble Mer ) . X

  3. Glad ya'll found the tank! We found that we didn't have a tank at all when we got this place, it just all trickled down the hill... But rest assured, the professional septic dude told me that the way the landscape is set up that it was all naturally processed and wasn't a danger to anybody. We still had to pay a ton to get a whole system put in because regulations. I won't even tell you my snotty cat story, just ew.

  4. He's adorable, but you already knew that.

  5. That man of yours is so darn CUTE. And he's funny too. Look at that impish pleased with himself smile. And now you can go another 20 years without having to call those prodamnfessionals again. I just wanted to type that word.

  6. Very funny!
    I have two old cats and the same guilty wish.

  7. Such literary aspirations! I don't blame you at all for feeling that way about Luna. It's hard to cope with old pets. (I remember you writing about your dogs in the same way!)

  8. Bahaha, that made me laugh too. I'm glad you snapped the photo.

    You would be well within your right to have that cat put down. Ahem.

  9. Birdie- I think she would FREAK if I tried to enclose her in anything. It would be too hard for her. I have thought about that.

    Leisha- Mr. Moon IS funny. One of the many reasons I keep him around.

    Big Mamabird- That is interesting! Wow! No tank needed? But then you had to put one in? Thank you for not sharing the icky cat story. I have enough of my own.

    Elizabeth- Mostly. Mostly he's adorable. Trust me.

    Angella- I think that putting "damn" or "fucking" in the middle of a word almost always improves it.
    And yes, my sweetie is cute. He's a very grown up little boy sometimes.

    Mwa- Let's stop feeling guilty. How happy can they be?

    Steve Reed- The memory of those dogs still haunts me. I swear.

    Jo- I know. It's true. She's over it, I think. Life in general, that is.


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