Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Boys

This morning when I told Gibson that I was going to cook his pancakes and bacon he looked at me in amazement.
"It's tomorrow now?"

What is he going to do when there's another child who needs that high chair? 

"I not a man yet," he told us while we were eating. 

He is right. He's not. But he is certainly precious. As is his brother. 

And guess what? The Mr. Peep story still works. Two boys put to sleep with it. One stayed asleep all night. The other did not. 
There may be a nap in my future. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Loved this peek into your sweet and those grandsons have the best grandparents in you and Mr Moon. You ought to offer lessons to those to whom it doesn't come so naturally, because there are sadly many grandparents out there who get it wrong. It's always the simple pleasures of life that really make the most lasting impression on a child. Oodles of love, yummy uncomplicated meals, special time spent together, and fun and laughter galore. You have all of that in spades! That's why your grandchildren love visiting you!

  2. Those boys are just beautiful. My youngest son who is now 10 just loved his high chair. He was such a big boy and still loved that chair. Towards the end of using it , it was quiet an achievement getting in and out of it.

  3. What delightful remarks from Gibson today. Childhood. Just lovely.

  4. I not a man yet. Awww! That is so funny and sweet. He has at least 6 months. :-)

  5. I'm so glad Luna has you there. It sounds like she is nearing the end, with those changes in her physical condition and even in her wanting to be near you. She may be feeling cold. We had one cat who had arthritis and she loved to get on our laps. Not because she loved us, but because we were warm!

  6. Out of the mouths of babes, as the saying goes...Your new year is off to a wonderful start. The brother visit, the son visit and your husband and old cat, all the makings of a good day. Sorry you didn't get your nap but I think what you got instead was lovely.


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