Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Sort Of Grace

You know- I'm going to be honest with you here- I have said to Jessie more than once, "If Dad had only paid a roofer to do this job, this would have all been done so long ago."
And it would have. My yard wouldn't be filled with tools and roofing materials and scraps of metal and Vergil could have been working on his own projects and my man might not be as wiped-out exhausted as he is every night that he's spent the day working on this project.
What are we? Pioneers? The Amish?

But this morning, as I faced another kitchen full of dishes to be washed after the working-man breakfast, it occurred to me that I have this all wrong. It's not just a matter of saving money, although that part is important. It's also a matter of family. And of time spent with family. Of sitting across the table from August being held by one of his parents. Of laughing over meals, of having my daughter and her baby in my house, snuggling under the covers with Maurice watching over protectively.

It's having a sweet, tipsy talk with my daughter before bed. It's the men learning together as they work.
What else would I rather be doing than making working-man breakfasts and dinners? Than having my grandson close at hand for cuddles and smiles? Than sharing jokes and memories and anxieties and joys with Jessie?

We live in a funny world where we mostly do pay other people to do the hard jobs that we don't have time for. That we don't know how to do. Everything from growing and cooking our food to putting roofs on our houses. And so many of us are certainly are not suited to those sorts of work and so we do other kinds of work to pay those who are so that their families can be supported.

It's really all about family, isn't it? The very, very best thing about this roof situation is the way that Vergil has cheerfully given up so much of his own time to help us with this. He has given up time and he has given us use of his fine engineering brain and his muscles and his experience to work with my husband who grew up doing things like this with his own father.

There is a certain satisfaction in all of it it we would never have gotten if we'd hired roofers. I'm not saying that when it comes time to do the steep part of the roof that I will not be advising that we do just that. But for now, for this part, despite how long it's taken, it's been good.

Well, that's all I have to say today and besides that, this other cat, Jack, doesn't want me to type any more and is putting his big furry purring body between me and the keyboard.

And look who's up.

Time for more play.
 Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes to all of this!

    Do you trust Maurice with the baby? I never thought much about the cat bites and scratches I've gotten until a week ago - our one cat who is more snappy bit me hard when we were at the vet's office, and within 24 hours I needed antibiotics. Be careful, Mary.

  2. Oh look at that little boy's sweet face! How quickly personality shows itself. This one seems to be a peaceful happy sort. I wonder if that will bear itself out as he grows. Such openness in his face. Such engagement.

    And about the roofing project, I so totally get what you say. Family. And Virgil and Mr. Moon are bonding over this as much as you and Jessie and Gus are. It's all a grace indeed.

  3. You have everything that matters in life, Ms Moon. Your family and friends and especially your beautiful grandchildren. I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face after seeing that last picture.....

    My dearest friend gave birth to a little girl on Wednesday and the baby passed away last night. Everyone is devastated and in shock. And the poor mama.....I can't stand to think about it for the moment.

    So hold those dear ones tight, tight.

  4. These pictures are heavenly. Maurice touching her baby grand cousin and August. I wish I could hug these babies for real!!!! Such a big beautiful loving family. Yes, all the bonding that's taking place is worth a million.

  5. Sweet pictures! As ever.

    That's what I meant about the meitheal - I rememeber Mr Moon spending time on Vergil's kitchen, and loved the reciprocity. Plus ... working with your step son has to be a lovely thing to do. My own father barely had a conversation with my husband in the ten years we were together before we got married.

  6. jenny_o- Jessie was keeping good watch over Maurice and when August began to stir, she moved her away. I am so sorry to hear that need antibiotics! Cats can be carriers of some nasty stuff. You are right.

    Angella- It's so true- all that you said. August is seemingly a very open and very curious boy. Determined, too, in his own way. But easy-going. He is like his mama and daddy. So far. I hope he stays that way because they are so wonderful. It's such a joy to get to spend time with all three of them.

    Jennifer- Oh no! What sad, horrible news! There just aren't words to use to convey such sorrow and grief. I am so sorry.

    Joanne- Nope. I don't think we could bond like this in Disney World. I really don't. I was quite shocked at Maurice's interest in August. When Jessie was getting him to sleep, she perched up on a piece of furniture in the room that she's never laid on before, as far as I know, to get a good view of the proceedings. Who knew she was at all interested in a baby?

  7. That's a good point. I must admit when you first began writing about Mr Moon and Vergil doing this roof job, I thought, "Why don't they just hire some roofers?" Which is what we would have done, for sure. But I hadn't considered the family component...which I'm not sure would be the same for us!


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