Sunday, January 24, 2016

Being. Just Being.

I am in another unaccountably good mood today and the sun is shining and the men are working but they took a break to eat some pancakes and sausage.

Here's what's happening on my back porch today.

The glossy magnolia leaves look especially green against the deep blue sky, I feel good in body and spirit, it is a Sunday in which despair has forgotten to drop by, and for this moment in time, I am content and at peace with all that is around me. 


  1. How wonderful this is to read! Enjoy your day, sweet lady!

  2. Yay. I like the apron/ madonna theme in your kitchen.

  3. Good for you! After a cold, windy day yesterday, today is bright sunshine and NO wind! I felt so good that I scrubbed the floors then baked a coconut cake. Of course, along the way I spilled toasted coconut, powdered sugar, coffee, and coffee creamer on the floor. Hey! I bet Julia Child wasn't a neat freak either! Hope your day just keeps getting better!

  4. I love when there is industrious activity by loved ones going on around me while I pursue my own ends. Sounds like that's what's happening there. I was thinking again last night about how much is happening in your world. Two new babies and a wedding to plan! so wonderous, this life.

  5. It is good to hear you're happy especially on Sunday. Gail

  6. Jennifer- I truly did. Every sweet morsel of it.

    Betsy- There's a rooster theme going on too. As well as an Old Florida theme. And...oh well. It's a busy kitchen. Children are fascinated by it.

    Catrina- I feel most certain that after Julia made a meal, her kitchen was complete chaos.

    Angella- I keep having to catch my breath. But so far, it's mostly 99.9% good. How are you, my dear friend?

    Gail- A bit of a miracle, eh?

  7. Looks at those shadow-checkered chickens! Love it.

  8. Moods are like waves on the ocean. You just ride those things and try not to let the undertow send you to the deep end of the ocean.
    Chicken lattice shadows? Gorgeous!


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