Sunday, January 3, 2016

This Is NOT A Cat Blog

My beautiful labial Virgin who adorns the month of Enero. 

"Cindy Cook" emailed me today to inform me that I have "One New InstaBOOty call." This somehow got put in my SPAM file. Why?
Oh, Cindy. You are too late. I'm all booty-called out for today. Maybe next time? But thanks for the invitation.

It has been just a delightful day. I did little bits of this and of that and wrote a five page letter on flowery paper. It is in an enveloped, addressed and stamped with a Jimi Hendrix stamp. I was a bit horrified at how far my penmanship has fallen. If I made New Year's resolutions, I would make one to write at least a page a day by hand, perhaps when I get up, to record my dreams which are as bizarre and disturbing as ever and now seem to involve trips which I have not properly packed for and I am always taking children with me and leaving others behind and I feel guilty and anxious and there are the houses too, still with so many old and decrepit dishwashers and stoves and washing machines and crazy insane junk and although I have a bit of insight about these dreams, I am still constantly surprised at how my mind does fixate on certain things.

But. Enough of that. I finally laid down on the love couch with my book about three thirty this afternoon and read cozily and happily for at least an hour before I fell fast asleep. Aw! The sweetness of that. I have not finished the book but I know the reason why (sleep) and perhaps I will finish it tonight.

Here is Jack.

He obviously thinks he is king or a prince at the very least. Dear god. I suppose I will get his nads removed and then try to find a home for him. Does anyone out there want a very healthy specimen of a gray and white cat? I think he will be a good mouser and he would be a lovely addition to any home and who will go with any decor.

Will pay for shipping.

I am going to make shrimp and grits tonight. I am excited about that. I have picked arugula and have a beautiful avocado and tomatoes to make salad with.

See? A delightful day despite the gray skies. Luna is nuzzling my chin and all is well. The new calendar is filled out with birthdays and anniversaries and hanging in the kitchen. The laundry is done. I am rested and restored. The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow although it is going to be even cooler and what we here in the land of Florida would call "cold." My sweetie is watching something on the TV, resting and restoring himself, wearing a thermal shirt and the pajama bottoms that May made for him one Christmas which he loves. Lily had her last day of work today for a while, at least, and now she is all ready to have that baby. The curtains have been hung in the nursery and they look nice.
When Lily and Jason came to get the boys yesterday, Owen hugged his mama hard around the belly and said, "I missed you!"
"I missed you too, Buddy!" she said.
"I didn't mean you, I meant the baby!" he said. Although he used her real name. I don't know why I'm not telling you what it is yet. It's not a secret and it's already been on the Facebook.

Oh well. There should be some surprises in this life.  Let me have my one little superstition.
And soon enough she will be here, this little woman baby, a tiny beauty in her mama's arms where we can all adore and kiss her.

Now THAT will be a delightful day.
Another one. And another birthday will go on the calendar.

Must go peel shrimp and chop garlic.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That is indeed a very labial virgin picture. Mind boggling in fact !!! Well looks like you have another cat. Cats are interesting in how they will choose and adopt people. He chose well. Xx

  2. You know I would take that cat if I lived even a little bit closer. Damn, boarder patrol!

    I love that you love that cat enough to get his nads removed and find a new home for him. What about Hank?

  3. I would take the cat too, but I am allergic. It is cold for us tonight 46 is the predicted low, I may freeze. I might look on facebook for the name or maybe I will wait and be suprized. Gail

  4. I think Jack has already chosen his home...I hope the shrimp and grits were good!

  5. Oh! Another grand baby to love and cherish! I'm excited so I can only imagine how you all must be feeling. Lily is a superwoman. I'm glad she gets to rest a bit before the new little one arrives.

  6. Take Jack. Take Jack. Take Jack. All the love in your family will cover another indoor/outdoor kitty. Your family just keeps growing and growing. These cats know what they are doing.

  7. Well, did you or did you not leave that chair on your porch and that cushion on that chair? Yes, yes, you did. And the cat knows it and thanks you for your hospitality. Silently. Because that's how cats are.

    I think with your sales pitch you would have no trouble finding a home for neutered Jack. Does he (or Luna) bother your chickens? I can't get over the fact that Maurice doesn't bother them.

  8. I can't help but think that Jack would high-tail it in the other direction if he knew what was about to happen to his nads -- but I am certainly not trying to talk you out of it. Indeed, I am all for the neutering. Neuter away.

    I gotta say, he seems very happy and comfortable in that chair!

  9. Handsome Jack! Even his name suits him. You should keep male cats always seemed more affectionate than the females. Especially after being neutered.

    I have to say, that is one gorgeous cat.

  10. Leisha- He probably chose us because we don't have dogs. This does not mean I'm getting a dog though.

    Birdie- Jack needs to be outside at least part of the time. Hank has to have indoor cats. Sadly.

    Gail- Oh come on. Just take a lot of Benadryl! Haha. Not really.

    e- They were delicious!

    Angella- Lily was obviously put on earth to have and raise babies. She's just a natural.

    Joanne- What choice do I have? The cat won't leave.

    jenny-o- No one has offered to take Jack. Darn it. Jack chased the chickens once and I yelled at him. I haven't seen him do it again. Chickens can be pretty fierce.

    Steve Reed- I keep thinking about what you said here- would he trade his maleness for a life of ease and kibbles? I have no idea.

    Lis- He seems pretty affectionate already. But yes, I need to get him to the vet.


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