Saturday, January 30, 2016

Busy As Little Bees

The Casa Luna Inn, Bed and Breakfast, is open for business! The boys are still here and Jessie, Vergil, and August have arrived.
"The maid hasn't cleaned the room," I told Jessie.
"What?!" she said. "What a bad maid!"
The Weatherfords are spending the night tonight so that the men can work their asses off all day and into the night and then get up in the morning and get back to it.
It is all sort of a joyful chaos. Waffles, pancakes, and bacon have been made and eaten and Jessie cleaned up the kitchen for me. Laundry has been going all morning. Monopoly is being played (Owen's rules) and the men are handling great sheets and pieces of metal roofing. August is hanging out on his mama's lap. Owen is trying to show Gibson how to count the spaces on the game.


And since I started writing this, Lily and Jason and Magnolia have come  and retrieved the boys which required more chaos and baby holding and baby feeding and packing up and buckling up and kissing good-bye and August is down for a little nap and Jessie is hanging diapers on the line.
A local church is selling fried fish dinners down at the corner and it's a beautiful day and Greta is here too and here we are, chickens, cats, people, blue skies, roof drilling, all of it, all of it.

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. August obviously loves his new book and Gibson spent, uh, some time in his own bed. I learned something about myself last night- I am simply incapable of telling a child that he or she can not get in my bed with me in the middle of the night.
So it goes, and so it ever was.


  1. Well, you can tell them they can't get in, but then you have to lie there listening to them screaming.

    I love August's Absorbed Reader expression. Bless him.

    Also, Glenn and Vergil's two man meitheal is a wonder - that's what we call it here when there's a community of people who help each other with gardens/barns/roofs/whatever and it's reciprocal. It's lovely.

  2. Oh my gosh, will you look at August's face as he is looking at that book??? Perfect capture! Gibson looks very happy with his Aunt Jessie too. Have a fun day with your kids.

  3. Oh that look on Gus' face! I'm glad that you cannot say no to children asking to share your bed. I spent my entire childhood nights in my parents bed... Funnily enough I was their last child.....

  4. your night and day sound very *full* and fun!!! That August.....his expresssions make me smile. And.....did Jessie actually cut her beautifully long hair? Lovely long or short ;-) hope the roof will be done soon
    Susan M

  5. That sounds like a full day! I would not want to be roofing and I admire Mr Moon and Vergil for taking THAT task on. I'm in bed with Olga at the moment, which is as close to resting with a grandchild as things ever get around here.


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