Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Business Of Sports May Come To Lloyd. Plus, Pictures

So. I went to the meeting which was held in the old Woman's Club which is a beautiful old building.

They used to teach cooking and canning and various other lessons from this kitchen.

The interior is all pine boards. Isn't it gorgeous? 
It's used now primarily as a spot for AA meetings but today our county commissioner was there along with the project manager for this proposed sports thing and the property owner who owns the truck stop as well. About fifteen of us showed up and a lot of things were explained but I'm still hazy on details. The facility will be a huge indoor place for regional amateur sports tournaments, based on this new thing where every parent believes that their child can grow up to be a famous ball player or gymnast if they just start training and competing soon enough and I gather that's a huge business now. 
Poor kids. 
Anyway, the land is being cleared (and supposedly, it's all planted pines which are at their peak to be cut anyway) and the property owner seems to want very badly to be a good member of the community and if this thing does work, it will certainly bring revenue to the county as well as jobs. The words "family friendly" and "due diligence" were repeated frequently. Of course we here in the Lloyd "historic district" want nothing at all to destroy our sweet little nest but most everyone there agreed that this could benefit the county tremendously. There was one very tight-lipped woman who is definitely not in favor of the deal and she had her say. 
I don't really know how I feel and there is much to be done before things start being built. Contaminated ground under the truck stop (from things that went on back in the '70's, not with the current owner) has to be taken care of and a lot of other things I don't really understand. The county hasn't approved it yet and there will be more meetings, I am sure. 

Anyway, by going to the meeting I did my own due diligence I suppose. Part of me is all for bringing good business to Jefferson County and part of me doesn't trust a soul. The older I get, the more cynical I get and that is the sad truth. 

Beyond that, I didn't do much today. I made a soup. That's about it. I think this was a resting day for me. But I got sent some pictures and stole some off Facebook and here they are.

Pretty Auntie May visiting with Magnolia June. 

Jessie and August after they went to yoga together today. I think August liked yoga! Also, his yoga attire is very nice, don't you think?

August and his littlest cousin, Magnolia June. 

The boy cousins. They look to be in good moods. 

Okay. I'll stop now before we all need to take some insulin.

Are you going to watch the State of the Union? I am. Gosh. It's so nice to have a president who can speak English in complete sentences. 

It's a good night for soup. Stay cozy.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, I guess it is not a bad think they are putting in. And it does bring a community together. There is a lot more thought these days to where things should go and when and yet... I do love my trees. And we do need that woman who has a lot to day. As vehement as I am I don't have a lot of fight in me and I am grateful for woman like her.

    That little man has the best smile!

  2. And I want to live in the Old Woman's Club.

  3. The old woman's club looks georgeous. Beautiful family photos.

  4. Too late. Pass the insulin.

    Really. Those little faces!

  5. Magnolia June's pink hat just slays me every time. What a sweetheart. And August seems to be such a happy boy. Cousins are the best.

  6. The grandchildren are precious! We have a small stretch of woods behind our house and I have lived here for 30 years through fear and rumors of roads and schools being built. So far nothing has happened. I have been to meetings too, but ours were held in a school, not a lovely place like the Old Women's Club. Gail

  7. Such darling pictures! I love the one of the three boys. That little August has stoplight eyes.

  8. I missed all the words for the pictures. I'm truly sorry. I can't stand all the sweetness. In my eyes you are the luckiest woman on earth.

  9. There are worse things they could build, for sure -- and I suppose it's good they're cleaning up the contaminants -- but I think when it comes to property developers cynicism is a reasonable state of mind.

  10. Birdie- I agree with all of that. I guess the bottom line is- one man owns the property and as such, he can do whatever he wants with it as long as he can be permitted. I don't want to be a NIMBY but I do want the best thing for the environment, the county, the community. Not black and white issues, are they?
    We can all agree on the beauty of the Woman's Club, however.

    Leisha- Thank you!

    jenny_o- Aren't they precious?

    Angella- August IS a happy boy! Like his mama was, although she was a girl. And now Lily's broken out the headbands. Maggie will never not have adornment.

    Gail- Well, the county meetings are held in Monticello in yes, the old high school. But this was a Lloyd community meeting.

    Elizabeth- Doesn't he?

    Joanne- I think you are right.

    Mwa- Yes! The babies!

  11. Oh my those pictures!! Your family! Those babies!! The boy cousins! Loved them so much thank you.

  12. that August is already a ham when it comes to the camera. and little Maggie is just a sweetie. too bad they cleared the land before the project is even approved!


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