Monday, January 18, 2016

Another Day

The camellias, y'all. The camellias! They are almost as pink and pretty as this one.

Yes. We went to Japanica! today. It was awesome. May and Michael met us and August and Jessie too. The curried tofu Bento box was stupendous, the sushi was terrific, and the miso soup will probably cure us all of any and assorted ills. 
And babies were passed around like party favors. 

Hmmmm. Related? 

May frequently has this effect on the fellas. 

The doodoo-head clinic got everything screwed up and poor Owen never did get in. He can't go back to school until he has his hard cast. 
"That's fine with me!" he said.
"Yeah, I know you don't have a problem with it," said his mama. 

We'll get it done tomorrow. Hopefully. 

After lunch we walked down to the Goodwill bookstore which is about the coolest place ever. We ALL bought books. Michael bought books on electronics and Owen bought books on dinosaurs and Gibson bought books on...wait a minute. He only wanted movies. 
When I took Lily and Maggie and the boys home I stayed long enough to read Owen his new book about giant dinosaurs. Man. It was a great book! Who doesn't love dinosaurs? I also got to hold Magnolia June a little while longer while her mama did a few things that needed doing. She is the softest thing. We all remark on that- how touching her feels like touching air. Her skin is almost too soft to register on our fingertips. 

It was a very good day and when we all said good-bye to each other in front of Japanica! where we were parked, we all said what the boys said which is, "Good-bye, I love you!"
So much love. So many kisses. 

We as a family are kissing, loving, reading fools. 

How grateful I am. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Beautiful babies. I can't wait to watch August and Magnolia's (what excellent names) friendship grow.

    Has Owen read about the New Bigger Than Ever Before dinosaur found in Argentina? Dade was very glad to hear about it and told it as his news in school today :)

  2. Beautiful babies. I can't think of a better thing to be than kissing, loving, reading fools.

  3. Dinosaurs are crowd-pleasers. I think the best way to have success as an author would be to write a book about dinosaurs.

    (Then again, that book was at Goodwill, so maybe not!)

    Love the camellias! I really want to go to Japanica! myself one of these days.

  4. I want to go to that restaurant as well because it sounds amazing, but I do have a problem with punctuation in names. Making you use an exclamation mark each time you write about it. And then no capital letter afterwards. It upsets my OCD.

  5. Lisa- I had ALL my babies!

    Denise- I'm so glad we all live close enough to do these things.

    Jo- Whoa! I'll have to show that to Owen!

    jenny_o- Yep. I can't either.

    Steve Reed- This was a really fun book. Not only was it about GIANT dinosaurs, but it had very sturdy fold outs so that you could get the true perspective of them.
    Aren't the camellias gorgeous! And it would be so fun to take you to Japanica.

    Mwa- Oh, I'm the one inserting that exclamation point. Me. I'm sorry. It's just that when it opened, that word sounded so funny to me and whenever I'd say it, I'd say it like that. JapaniCA!

    Lee Ann- Well, if only we could have gotten back into the clinic for his cast...


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