Saturday, January 9, 2016

Two Days Old!

Gray and foggy but not too chilly and again, having a hard time getting going. But, I have cleaned out the henhouse which was thoroughly pooped-up and which is now nice with fresh hay in all the nests. I am about to start cooking the salad, the cake, the bread. This doesn't sound like much but it's going to be an almost day-long process. And I will enjoy it.

Okay. I know you only want to see pictures.

I still can't believe we have this new baby girl. 
Lily's doctor actually makes house calls for his newborn home birth babies and has already been to see Maggie this morning and has proclaimed her another keeper. Nice to have the official stamp of approval. 

And now I am going to make the food to feed the mama so she can make the milk to feed the baby. 

All is well.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You r such a great Mer. Maggie is definitely a keeper! Ha

  2. Look at her all in pink! Look! Oh, how I love this.

    And Gibson, that wee blessed soul. A good big brother who is just still a baby himself. We all need a protector such as this.

  3. Look at those cheeks and she's so NEW! Congratulations all around.

  4. She already looks different!
    The good life.

  5. Such a good mama act to cook good food for her daughter which will feed your grand daughter .


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