Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Sermon

Jack Ballsack didn't show up all day yesterday and I was thinking that perhaps his people had been out of town and had now returned.
No such damn luck.
He's eating his third bowl of food this morning.
Yes, yes, goddammit, I feed the cat because I AM A FEEDER!
Just like Jesus who took three loaves of bread and two fishes and fed five thousand people and there were 12 baskets of leftovers after the great feast.
See, I am reminded of that because I am listening to The Gospel According to Judas, written by Jeffrey Archer and a Roman Catholic theologian named Maloney (he has only one name? like Madonna? really?) under the name of Benjamin Iscariot. It is narrated by none other than the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and no, this is not my usual reading material but what the hell?
It is short, a novella, rather than a novel, and as I listen to it, all I can think is, "Whoa! That Jesus was one crazy motherfucker!" Also, it appears to me that the people who came to listen to him didn't give a fuck about his message but instead, wanted to be healed of their various afflictions. And eat a free meal, I guess.
I am also reading in real book form a novel called The Book of Strange New Things by Michael Faber.  It is a bit science-fictiony as well as a bit dystopian and is about a Christian minister who has gone to an outpost on another planet to minister to the natives there. The preacher is a fairly likable character. He's not a smarmy Christian and was saved from his life of drugs and crime by the love of God and so forth and it's an interesting book and I swear to you- I am going to finish reading it today or know the reason why.

That's my main plan for today. That and to get everyone's birthdays written on the official 2016 Virgin of Guadalupe calendar

and perhaps to write a letter in response to one I got ages and ages ago. 
I don't even know if I still have handwriting ability. 

Cats. Cats. Cats. Luna wants my attention. Maurice is pissed. Jack has finally finished eating. Thank god for my chickens who demand nothing of me whatsoever. That which I give them is freely given and taken by them without apparent gratitude which is fine by me. They lay eggs, yes, but that is their way and they aren't doing it for my sake. 

Speaking of which, either Old Miss Trixie or Old Miss Mabel laid an egg yesterday. 

I was shocked to find that green, pointy egg in the nest but there it was. Neither one of them has laid an egg in the past year that I can recall. 
This may be a miracle but I don't think that Jesus was involved.

All right. Time to get busy. Doing very little. 

Let's all have a Sabbath day, okay? and goddammit, try to keep it holy. 

Yours in loaves and fishes...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy New Year, Mrs. Moon. I'm just now getting caught up here. Wishing so much love for you and your family in 2016.

  2. I didn't realize you had that very old Luna on your hands, even before Maurice. I wonder if you went to the trouble of altering Jack's ballsack you might change the balance in cat world. Maurice could return to her old smug self.

  3. Miracles here, too: we are still harvesting fresh raspberries, the garden is flowering and the parks are see of yellow daffodils. I like spring but not for xmas.
    You know that cats communicate on alpha rays or something, like elephants, at a level we cannot hear and like the hoboes (is that a bad word, I hope not) they share the best places for food and comfort.
    Happy new year. It could bring you even more cats.

  4. I'd say Jesus could have done great chicken miracles all the same, though.

  5. That's a whole lotta religion, even for a Sunday. What a strange looking little pointy egg!

  6. Yes goddamit lets have a nice day. Hope your Sunday is a delightful one .

  7. I'm hearing Jack's last name as Balzac.

  8. we have a sunny day today! that right there is cause for rejoicing. it's been cold and wet basically since christmas. took the grandgirls home after a brunch of french toast. one of my canadian friends sent me a calendar she made for us from our week up there this summer. photography is one of her many talents and it is gorgeous. currently reading the very first #1 Ladies Detective Agency.

  9. Your writing is so brilliant. I just got back from vacation and am catching up on your posts. This one made me laugh out loud. But guess what? I sat on a beach and read "Don't Make Me Say Goodbye" on my kindle with the print all big as hell. I read it two times in a row to savor it. You, Mary Moon, are a brilliant writer. This is what I am telling you in my first comment here for 2016. I hope you write forever. (And feed people, too.)

  10. Denise- And to you, sweet and dear lady!

    Joanne Noragon- Yep. Luna's been around for about seventeen years. My pets just don't die.

    Sabine- NO MORE CATS!!!!
    But yes, I think you are right about their communication abilities. No. I don't think hobo is a bad word.

    Jo- The loaves and chickens?

    Steve Reed- That hen is OLD. I'm shocked she laid an egg at all.

    Leisha- It was! Thank you.

    A- You got the pun.

    Ellen Abbott- I hope you like the book! I love the audio versions of those books. The narrator is wonderful.

    gradydoctor- Your words mean more to me than you can know. Thank you, dear Sister Doctor! I hope your vacation was wonderful!


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