Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gentle Things

I did exactly what I needed to do today. I walked hard and far enough and I went to town and had a sinful lunch with Jessie and August and I got to hold him and also look at him and delight in him. We went and bought him socks and then went to Trader Joe's and then I took them home and went out to Lily's.
Magnolia June was sleeping on her mama's chest and I took off my boots and crawled onto the bed and said, "Let me hold her," and I did.
Owen brought me his report card and we went over it carefully. He got all A's except for one B in language arts.
"Do you know what language arts are?" I asked him.
"Art?" he said.
I told him and read out loud all the S's he got (for Satisfactory) in behavior and so forth.
Resolves problems and conflicts appropriately.
"Do you know what that means?" I asked him again.
"I'm good all the time?"
And so forth.

Gibson came in and snuggled for a minute. I had a baby in one arm and a boy in the other. He told me he loved me. It was heaven. Lily and I talked. She told me that last night she heard Jason listening to some woman with a strange accent on his phone.
"What are you listening to?" she asked him.
"Somehow I signed up for daily updates from Channel 6 in Perth."
"How did you do that?"
"I'm not sure."
"Why are you listening to it?"
"You never know. Something exciting might happen in Perth. Last week there was a wildfire."
I laughed and laughed.

My cheek is sticky from candy that Gibson was eating and gave to me when he tired of it. My heart is full of this.

The other day Owen said, "Mer, you have really big teeth."
"I know," I said. "And crooked too."

I cried again, holding that girl. She is softer than rose petals. She is sweeter than than the breath of angels. 

And Owen learned to whistle today. 

I feel as if I might be melting from the inside-out but I should probably get over that and go cook supper. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. While a "simple" day, what a joy. The little snippets about your loves are beautiful. That ordinary life is enough - it in itself is beautiful.

  2. A lovely day with your family . I probably sound like the lady with the funny accent from Perth.

  3. Babies and boys. I love it all.

  4. I'm going to do exactly what I need to do as well today. Thank you for that thought. It is very helpful.

  5. I love the thing about Perth. So funny! That's like me getting the daily job updates from Worcester. Except I just delete them.

  6. I saw the cutest walking/talking bunny toy in the Supsermarket... was v tempted to buy for Magnolia as I liked it so much, but when I got closer to check it out, I realised it was hard plastic under its clothes and had an annoying English accent, so I resisted without too much trouble.


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