Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just A Darn Fun Day

Golly, y'all. I had another completely good mood day.
I felt so guilty, leaving Vergil and my husband up on the roof without me making the big working man breakfast I always make them, just tripping off in the space car to go have fun with daughters and grandbabies.
But for some reason I shed the guilt and had the best time. We all met at Jessie's and this immediately happened.

And then this happened.

And then we all went to an ooh-bip-potato chip fancy lunch and the girls all had champagne and then we started shopping and had such adventures including meeting a woman who ran a shop who made us all laugh so much that I asked her if I could come and work with her.
"Sure!" she said. "We start drinking at four." The perfect job! 
The phone rang and she picked it up and listened for a second and then she said, "No, we don't do proms!" and hung the phone up. 
There were two dogs in the shop, one of whom was fascinated by the babies and the shop lady couldn't quit talking about August and how cool he was and handsome and oh, it was such great fun. I bought a dress and a Johnny Was shirt although nobody bought anything else. 
"You girls come back soon!" she said, after we all trooped out. 
"We will!" we said. 

We hit a few other shops and found nothing bridal that May adored and nothing bridesmaidy that worked for Lily and Jessie but damn, we had fun. 

My favorite line of the day came when Lily was talking on the phone to Jason.
"No, we haven't bought any dresses. We've been to two places and they sold a bunch of old-lady stuff. Mom bought some things."
She didn't mean it like THAT but it came out like THAT and it was hysterical. 

We had so many good laughs and so many good baby cuddles and there's no one in the world I'd rather hang out with than my own kids which is a pure and true blessing. 

And now Jessie and August are here at our house and the men have come down off the roof and I'm making a big old chicken pot pie and life is good. 

We'll find the perfect dresses eventually. One hopes. And that will require more shopping. 
Oh! The agony! 

Hope all is well with you. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Nothing like spending time with your family .sounds like it was so much fun. Beautiful photo of the babies and with their mums.

  2. I think I have told you before but the year I was born I had 4 cousins born that same year. A cousin born in August another one born in October. I was born in February along with a cousin a week later and then one more cousin in July, a brother to the first cousin born in August. Oh, the fun that we had! My nana was living the grandmother dream and doted on all of us. *I* was her favourite, she told me so. It wasn't until she died that we found out that she said that to all of us.

  3. What a gorgeous day! The sisters feeding their babies side by side is the sweetest thing. Except for Magnolia's perfect little round impossibly chubby face, that's even more perfect. The teenies together! Just adorable. I wish I could squish their little cheeks.

  4. Birdie, I've no doubt you all were her favourites :)

  5. So fun that those two little babies will grow up with each other! And I know we've talked about Johnny Was, and I'm no old lady.

  6. Your family is the best ever. I keep forgetting you adopted me back some time ago.

  7. Now THAT sounds like a fun day! I love a good outing full of laughter. It's cool to think of all the things those babies will go through together, at each other's side.

  8. That photo makes me miss breastfeeding. Actually, no, it just reminds me that I miss breastfeeding. It was the best feeling. Not good enough to have another baby, but good enough to miss hard.

  9. Sweet baby cousin pictures. Glad you had a fun day with the girls. Good luck with the dress hunt, I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for eventually :)

  10. Oo, I forgot to ask - what's 'oh-bip potato chip' fancy? Or did you make it up? Either way, I love it.


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