Saturday, January 16, 2016

Celebrating Oysters And Love

 It's been a day of contrasts. Turns out that there was an oyster cook-off here in Apalachicola today in aid of buying a new fire truck for the town. So it has been packed with people and crowds and music and food. We visited the festival for a little while. The crowds did not delight me but people were having fun. 
There was a giant oyster walking around giving out candy to children. 
And an exhibition by the students of a local dance school. 

The fun was never ending!
Very festive and too many people so we made our way up the street to a little place for oysters and gumbo and it was delicious. 

We each had almost two beers apiece and decided to retreat to the quiet and peace of our little room by the river where we took a nap and when we woke up, Mr. Moon brought me coffee. 
Oh! And this morning we went over to our property and tried to figure out where our house would go. 
My man and a tape measure:

We tromped around and I told Glen that I wished I could envision it all like he does. 
"The house or the way it will look when it's built or how it will fit into the yard?"
"Yes," I said. "All of that."
I am no better at imaging how these things will look than I am at imagining how the future will look. 
If our neighbors are any indication, the future will look like us riding around in a golf cart with a dog. 
Well, the golf cart maybe. The dog no. There are plenty of dogs here already from the tiniest dust mops to a giant white dog-like creature I saw today whose nose was as big as my head. 

Well, as I have typed this, sitting on the dock the river has gone from this 

to this:

and now it is growing dark and it's time to get ready for our supper. 

I will not be wearing overalls. Can you believe I was the only person in Apalachicola wearing overalls today? 

What's wrong with these people? Obviously they need me here badly to instruct them in personal style and timeless fashion. 
It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. 

All Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Our neighbors here in the RV park invited us to go boating with them today. We were on the Manatee River, the Intercoastal Waterway and a small part of the Gulf of Mexico. When I'm on or near the water I am a happy woman, and today all I did was smile. I bet you feel that way about your little slice of heaven, and I'm so happy for both of us! And I LOVE your overalls!

  2. you had LAGER.. yuengling is the BEST beer and we can't get it here.

    enjoy your rest-


  3. I picture the golf cart with at least three cats sitting in the back.

    That oyster handing out candy is a little bit scary.

  4. Looks like a nice time. Glad that you are napping and enjoying that cool town. Getting cold and rainy again here. Have fun!

  5. Dear Ms. Moon, please do not say no dog. You said something similar about cats and how many do you have now?

  6. The oysters look delicious and the river does too. Gail

  7. I think you should be the lady with the chicken in the golf cart .

  8. I am glad you are relaxing in this beautiful environment!

  9. I can't see things like that either. It's very annoying. And probably why I can sit around unsatisfied with parts of my house but never do anything about it. I just can't imagine the outcome.
    I love dungarees!

  10. Yes, MS Moon, we have an overall Big task to do, let overalls rule :) Niels

  11. Thank you for reminding me that there are places where today wear short sleeves and don't feel cold. Enjoy!

  12. I'm guessing there are more overalls in Apalachicola than were revealed to you today!

    Your property looks nice! I love that cabbage palm. I mean, I know they're everywhere but I always like those trees.

    That oyster is terrifying. I bet kids are having nightmares about it right now.

  13. Oh no! I was a few posts behind and did not know Owen wasn't healing up. What a trooper. Hope he heals quickly.

    Your pictures are amazing. We don't care for the big crowds either, sounds like you found the perfect spot, and those pictures from the sunset are perfection.

    I have trouble imagining things too, but I'd sure have fun trying. Your property looks lovely. And you are rocking the overalls!

    We will be driving from here to Baton Rouge all the way across Rt 10 through Tallahassee and across to Deland in March. I'd love to come a calling and visit for a spell with you if you're in a mood for company. :)

  14. Ohhhhh. . . it is breathtaking there! And what Leisha said!


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