Friday, January 29, 2016

Thank You

Some days are just harder than others, even if you got plenty of sleep and the day is as crystal clear and fine as any you've ever seen in your life.

Even when the camellias are blooming as pretty and pink as baby shower bonbons. Even when the stray cat wants to weave himself in and out of your feet in soft-fur figure eights. Even when the Rolling Stones are in rehearsal in South America for their upcoming tour. Even when you turn on the tap and water comes out, either hot or cold, as you choose, and it all drains down as it should. 

Just. Hard.

I made myself go out and walk and I'm not going to lie to you- it wasn't fun and it wasn't easy. I felt like just lying down on the path, waiting for whatever animal had left the slightly scary, large, deep prints in the sand to come and find me and eat me up. 
Of course, that's drama-queeny and silly and so I went on with it but still- hard. 
I don't know why this happens any more than I know why the gift of good days occurs. It just does. 

But I will tell you something- no matter what kind of a day it is, sometimes something shows up to tell you it is not all for naught. 

And also, that there are the days in which gifts are received which have been so sweetly sent that you cannot ignore them and the heart sparks a little brighter and you shake off your drama-queeny ways and get on with your insanely wonderful life. 

Thank you, Joanne. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You got it! I'm so glad. Feel better Ms Moon.

  2. Sending you oodles of comfort and sweet hugs to you my dear x

  3. that is wonderful I love the illustration. sorry you are having 'one of those'.

  4. Joanne- You have no idea how much better my day has been because of you. And the boys are enchanted with those toys! I am too, to tell you the truth.

    Leisha- Thank you, dear lady. I am grateful for you and your hugs and comfort.

    Ellen Abbott- It has not been bad. Just...hard. But it has become sweeter and easier as the day has passed.


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