Saturday, January 9, 2016

More Pictures But Not JUST Of Babies

Food, food, food!

Salad, bread, cake.

See how yellow my lovely egg yolks are? And that Challah- that is the risingest bread recipe ever. No matter how many times I make it, I am astounded at how incredibly risen it becomes. I usually bake two loaves of regular bread on that baking sheet but the Challah fills it up with one loaf. And the cake? Ah. I hope it's good. And that, my friends, is a Pink Perfection camellia in the center which is exactly what this girl looks like. 

Those cheeks! Could you die? Lily said that when the doctor was over today, they were talking about milk supply, etc., and the doctor said, "Well, she has some reserves."

Of course I only made all of that food so that I could have a good reason to go over there and love on that baby. Nothing makes me happier than holding her and then lying on the bed with Lily while she nurses and then, after Magnolia is asleep, stroking her and holding her little finger. The softness. She got her first sponge bath today and her hair is like silk if silk was like newborn hair...
I had to pull myself up and away this evening because Lily's bed is so comfortable and I could have easily drifted into sleep myself. I cried a little bit, watching this baby breathe.
"Are you crying?" Lily asked me. 
"Yes. Just a little," I said.
"Why?' she asked. 
"You know why," I said. 
And she does. 
I am so amazed at how each subsequent grandchild folds him or herself into my heart, nestling into a completely new place, all his or her own. It's very much like having my own children. Each one came with all the love. Each one made a place in my heart I did not know I had. 

And speaking of which, I miss my August tremendously. His other grandparents and auntie and cousins are visiting and we are all so busy. But Jessie sent me this today.

I swear- his name should be Gleeful McSmiley. He seems so grown-up now, doesn't he? 

And so it's been a good day. I got a lot done and my friend Liz came by and we traded our New Year's presents. I gave her the traditional Virgin of Guadalupe calendar and she gave me this.

It thrilled me so that I shrieked a little when I unwrapped it. And you know she'll be in a prominent position all year 'round, hanging out on the little shelf above the sink with the Seminole Indian dolls and the mermaids. 

Now I'm going to heat up some soup and bread I made last week. I'm too tired to cook anything new for us and besides, we need to eat that up. It's about time for Garrison to do his "It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon" and I want to hear it. He is retiring soon and I will miss him so. My Saturdays will not be the same. His voice is such a peaceful part of my weekend routine. 

Change is hard. And speaking of which- I got to change Maggie's diaper this evening. It's been a long time since I've changed a little girl's diaper. Seemed pretty familiar, though. I think I could probably change a diaper in my sleep, a talent I developed early in my life. And it seems like I could probably make the Traditional Postpartum meal in my sleep by now but I still drag out my old recipes so that I don't forget anything. That, too, is part of the tradition. 

Let's all sleep well, my friends. And please- let us all have sweet dreams. Dreams of kisses and soft baby heads, dreams of hand-holding and lover-face-stroking and Pink Perfections. Let us dream of light and hopeful things. Let us dream of love.

Yours Truly...Ms. Moon


  1. Ahhhh, food pictures, you know I like them almost as much as baby pictures...she's divine!

  2. All of those pictures made me swoon. Hearing the telling of you making the traditional meal for the new mama each time one of those grandbabies is born is such a comfort.

  3. It's a joy to see August again. He has grown so much! Maggie is such a bundle of love and the traditional food is becoming well known here. That cake looks deliciois!

  4. Big sigh...... so much love and joy and tears of joy. It must be overwhelming at times, this love you live and enjoy every day. Maggie is beautiful and August is growing and changing so quickly. The *after baby* meal is becoming familiar and much anticipated by me! Lovely tradition and I trust this will be passed on to many generations to come. How blessed you all are.........and I feel blessed for enjoying it through your telling of it
    Susan M.

  5. Gosh that food looks good. Magnolia's cheeks are perfection , Gus's smile makes me smile . All is well with Mer and her magnificent family.

  6. Mary you should be passed on the wonderful home birth tradition to your daughters...that is huge...and those babies are adorable,

  7. Liv- Food and babies- what could be better?

    Jill- And goodness knows, you've been through all of it with me! Thank you, dear sweet woman!

    Denise- Yes. It's overwhelming at times. I feel like my vessel isn't big enough. But then it expands and is.

    Joanne- I hope it is delicious. I mashed up some leftover poached pears to go in it this time.

    Susan M- Yes. Overwhelming. But you know- I just keep moving forward with it all and it seems to work out, just like the salad, the bread, the cake.

    Leisha- How in hell did I get so lucky? I have no idea.

    Carol- You know what? I am VERY proud of that. The home birth tradition. It is a beautiful and wonderful and precious thing. And I am so glad that we have midwives here who can help us. The oldest profession? I think so. And a holy profession as well.

  8. Her mouth gives me the thrilliest of thrills. Oh, god she is so precious and beautiful and perfect.

    Do you have a Magnolia tree where you live? Are you going to plant one? If I sit up a wee bit from my bed I can see the one I planted and it a truly a beautiful tree, just like this wee girl. Oh, I can't wait to get to know her!

    And she looks like her Mama for sure.

  9. Birdie- Isn't her mouth so perfect? A little bow. A little bow to kiss. I am going to get Jason and Lily a magnolia tree to plant over her placenta. I promise.

  10. That baby is gorgeous.
    That challah is astounding.

  11. Rebecca- I will send you the recipe if you want. It's just flour and butter and eggs and yeast and salt. Three rises. The recipe for grandchildren is out of my control.

  12. I am so happy for you and all your babies.

  13. Oh the muchness, the deliciousness,
    the abundance of love and joy! Thanks to
    you and your family for sharing it.

  14. Joanne Noragon- Thank you so much!

    A- Too much not to share. Thank you.

  15. What a gorgeous girl child! Love her cheeks! Oddly enough, I always got a little weepy when I'd quietly watch my grand babies breathe. And that little mewling sound they sometimes make while sleeping? Oh my gawd!!! Prince Gus is such a handsome boy, too! Y'all make some beautiful babies!

  16. Swooning with happiness at all the sweet love pouring from your world Ms. Mary My Darling. xp xo

  17. Those two pictures of Miss Maggie and Master August are divine. And so is the gift you got. What a happy post for me to read, just after midnight and on my way to bed. It's been a fine day.

  18. Wonderful, every picture and every word.

  19. food and babies. is there more to life?


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