Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Baby Is Still Inside Her Mama

So no. My silence today did not come from being with Lily, birthing her daughter. Instead, it came from me being at a nail salon with Lily and also Jessie and August where we all got pedicures.
Look- if you can't have a baby, have a pedicure. Right? And eventually when the baby comes, you will all have beautiful toes.

August was the perfect child. He did not peep once, but observed everything carefully and thoughtfully and also, charmed the hearts of all the employees. Even the guy who did my feet (poor man) finally cracked a smile and became beautiful when he looked up to see Jessie massaging August's feet as hers were being done. Everyone wanted to touch him and praise him and tell us about their own babies. It was sweet.

After the pedicure, you know what we did. Of course you do! We ate lunch where Jason dropped Gibson off, we went to Costco, and then Lily and Gibson and I went to Publix and then we picked up Owen at school. I drove them all home and came back home myself where I caught up on my chores.
So. Another very busy day.
In which our woman-babe was not born. But, you know- it's not midnight yet. Anything could happen.

When I was at Publix, I pulled out my grocery list which I'd stuck in my purse on the way out of the house. I scanned it and found that something had been added to it.

I am the luckiest woman in the world and I know it. And when he got home tonight he gave me the smart key to the new Prius he wants me to drive. It's not new, new. But it's new to me and it's beautiful and red and feels like far more than I need or deserve. I've been driving around an older Honda thing that has suited me well. I can knock about in it and haul chicken feed and carry the children around without worrying too much about things children do to cars. And I've told Mr. Moon that I was quite satisfied with that car. But, he had decided that I would like this one better and so it goes.
He had to give me a little refresher course in how to drive a Prius.

Even the key is different. I don't even have to use it. I just have to have it in my pocket. What? What?
So. I've unloaded all my junk from the Honda to the Prius and I am ready to enjoy long stretches of time where I do not have to visit the gas station.

I feel overwhelmed with it all. I truly do. Too much, even of goodness is too much sometimes. For me, stuck as I am in my ruts and routines, my comfort zones, my little tiny world, it can be a lot to take in.

I shall ponder it all tonight, I am sure. And by the way- my toes are beautiful.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've been out of it for a few days, whatever that means. But I got to catch up on post's today and all I have to say is that I am over the moon happy with that sweet picture of Owen and his pulled tooth! You can just see the proud oozing from him. Love that boy!

  2. This time last year, we upgraded from a 22 year old Honda Civic - no working a/c, no working odometer or speedometer, couldn't read radio station display - to a year-old plug in Prius with

    1. ... Bells and whistles. (Got cut off there.). We love it! We get insanely good mileage - sometimes 70 mpg. Yum.

  3. New car for the new year. Everyone but Hank thought you were having the new baby seems. Even tho you mentioned the pedicures. We are all on baby watch! Cute note from the Mr.

  4. I think not only your toes are beautiful, your soul is as well.

  5. Well, I was thinking maybe quiet meant there was a baby, maybe tomorrow :)

    Love your shopping list and your cute hubby. Hope you love hauling grandkids in the Prius too.


  6. You deserve all this goodness coming to you. Breathe it in. I love your relationship with your children. And grandkids. And that sweet handsome man.

  7. Oh, you will LOVE the Prius, I think. I used my stepsister's hybrid while I was in Florida and it's AMAZING how far it went without a stop for gas.

    I thought you were going to say you went to Goodwill, too! :)

  8. I love your handwriting. I used to have a hybrid Toyota Auris and now I have a normal Toyota Verso. I love them! You will love yours, I'm sure. The key in the pocket thing is the best. My new car doesn't have that, but it was very useful when I had small babies to hold while opening the car. As you do and will.

  9. Pedicure, new car and new grandbaby soon, so many good things! My car is 10 yrs old but it has the push button start. Last week hubby was driving and we stopped at Publix, we got back to the car and it was running, he forgot to push the button to turn it off, good thing we didn't go somewhere for the day. Gail

  10. we considered a Prius when we were planning on a new car but ended up getting a regular car. husband picked it out. he was looking for a car that had excellent records on not needing repairs.

  11. Nice to be in newer car. I am still driving my 2009 BMW which is pretty much a tank. I am not planning on getting another any time soon because this one is so well made. I don't like car shopping at all.

    Hope you are enjoying your day.


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