Thursday, January 7, 2016

Superman And His Exploits, Plus...

This picture popped up on my FB memories today. Supposedly that was one year ago.
And today that beautiful boy is waiting to go to the orthopedist because yesterday he fell off the trampoline, right through the zipper netted door while his mother was standing right there with a friend, and fell on his elbow. Jason took him to the doctor right away and they determined that he'd fractured something and sent him over to the orthopedic clinic where there was no doctor so they splinted it and he's going back today.

Our hearts are a little fractured as well. Boys. I remember when it seemed like my little brothers were in the ER every other week for one accident or another. Growing up is so hard!
As is getting born.
Lily's on the verge. I can tell. And her emotions are in high gear of course.
One day we will look back on all of this and laugh but for right now, we are not laughing but simply waiting and doing what we can.
The whole family is ready to...well, do whatever needs doing.

That's our little part of the world.
What's going on in yours?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It is such a gift that family is there to do what needs doing. We are super close to my parents and they dot he same for us-I am so, so grateful. Poor little guy-hoping he has a speedy recovery.

  2. It's like the life forces are swelling with energy...all the best to the big brother, and the baby on her way.

  3. Poor boy! Like you said, it seems to be part of growing up male. I hope they get him fixed up pronto.

    I can't wait to hear the news of your little woman's birth!

  4. I'm 30 miles south of Tampa, waiting for the sun that all the networks promised today. Cold, gray, match my mood. I hope that boy's 'belbow,' which is what my grandson called his, heals soon!

  5. Usually there's too much nature in your parts. Today there might be too much life? Or at least too too much? In any case, I'm certain your beautiful family will handle everything with aplomb. Here's to wishing a safe, peaceful delivery of the next member of the clan.

  6. Oh no, a fracture of or near the elbow does not sound good...I hope Owen is not in too much pain.
    Sending love to all and a beautiful birth for Lily.

  7. As others have commented, such a great gift of family,
    everyone there to help everyone else through, be it a jumping boy or a waiting mother. Fully engaged in love.

  8. And: I seem to recall an orthopedist telling me that
    breaks near the elbow heal the fastest!

  9. Ouch! That sounds sore.
    Too exciting that you think she's on the verge!

  10. My part of the world is nowhere near as exciting as yours!

  11. oh, poor Owen. Hope it will be a minor fracture with no need of surgery...... the young ones heal so quickly most times. And waiting for the woman baby, yes. On pins and needles....... can't wait!
    Love all around
    Susan M

  12. Oh, bad timing ... if there's even such a thing as good timing when it comes to breaking a limb ... good thoughts to all of you and hope Owen heals quickly.

  13. You know, I don't know how it happened, but I have never been to the ER for an injury in my life. (Knock on wood.) I just wasn't a very accident-prone kid.

  14. never had to take my son to the ER but my daughter's boy has been on multiple occasions. 2-13 he was getting his broken elbow put back together (he also previously broke his collarbone, both injuries from skateboarding) while one of his sister's was getting an emergency appendectomy.

  15. Ahh--Owen is a boy for sure. Luckily, I have not broken anything which is a wonder. Glad that he is going to be okay and it isn't a bad break.

    Me--I have been busier than ever. More political activism, more meetings, more stuff to be involved in. I keep saying that I am too old for this stuff and am retired! But I guess that I am not too old and feel a need once more to do something to help out, be there, take a stand, etc.


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