Saturday, August 9, 2014

What Is WRONG With Me?

I've got my shoulders up into my ears today and I have no idea why.
I've got the blues. Not the good turquoise/teal/indigo/sapphire kind, either.
I just feel so useless and I suppose the answer to that is to pull up my big girl panties and DO something. The kitchen counters are cluttered, the library is a mess. Turns out that there probably wasn't a dead thing in there but instead, underneath the house below the floor which is good but there's that huge couch in there and the dogs' bed and I just feel like that room is beyond my control until we can get rid of the couch and the bed and the couch is probably going to go to Jessie and Vergil when they move and the dog bed will be thrown out when...
Well. You know.
Speaking of which, they barely eat. At least Dolly. So I guess eventually nature will take its course in that way, at least.
I don't know. It's one of those "I don't know shit" days.

Speaking of shit, yeah, time to clean out the hen house, lay down some sweet, soft hay. And if I was worth my salt, I'd get in that damn garden and clean it all out and get it ready for a fall planting.

Aw, damn. I just feel completely over- and under-whelmed and not quite completely 100% back from whatever overtook my body a few days ago.

I guess I'll go take the trash before the dump closes and get started on the kitchen if not the garden and have I mentioned all the spider crap around here?
Yes. You read that right.
Spider crap.

Which might make a good name for a band.

Happy Saturday, blah, blah, blah.

Love...Ms. Moon, the faint and useless


  1. I'm sorry. I have to know. What does spider crap look like? I probably have it and don't even know it. This is Houston and I do have spiders.

    I am sorry you are feeling blue, and I do hope you feel better soon. But I have to know about the spider crap.


  2. Well, I'm trying your trick from yesterday. Resurrecting with Advil. I'm not sick. Just as blue as the sky. But the sky is gray this morning. So whatever.
    Elvis is the king. That's for sure.

  3. Oh hon. I hope it gets better. Take it slow.

  4. Julia- I will post pictures later. I promise. But basically, if you have spiders and look below their webs, you will see...spider crap. Big spiders, big crap.

    Denise- Thank the good baby Jesus for Advil. And Elvis IS The King.
    You are right.
    I miss Drogo, though. He never got a chance to become the king he might have become.

    Angella- If I was moving any slower, I'd be going backwards.

  5. I bet there IS a band called Spider Crap, somewhere in the multiverses...

  6. A- I would not doubt it for a second.

  7. Well, I'm glad there is no dead thing. At least not inside.

  8. Believe me, living in the midst of the bathroom renovation that has been going on since May 21 nearly makes me crazy. But every day, I say that I can get through another day of mess. And so it goes.


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