Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This Morning

All is well and the sun is shining, yesterday's rain dripping off cupped leaves. I did not go to the dentist yesterday, it was a simple (but not to me) matter of a prescription and that was taken care of and I went to the grocery store and the boys came out to play in the afternoon.
There are other things going on, but simply life and all is fine with my family, no worries.

Mr. Moon is supposed to call the vet today and please god, may it be so. Since we have made this decision, the air is heavy and the waters are roiled. Yesterday Buster got himself tangled up in the legs of the highchair and couldn't get out. The number of pees and poops I cleaned up in the house were beyond counting.
As relieved as I will be, as necessary as it is to release these dogs unto death, I am going to be uneasy until they are gone. It is a hard thing, to decide to take any creature's life, no matter how evident it is that the time is here and past here. And on a simply selfish level, I am beyond ready to have this done and then begin to put things more in order here, to throw away stinky couch pillows and wash rugs, to scrub floors.

And right now I need to get them up, steer them out of the door to the back yard to make a futile attempt to have them pee and poop back there instead of in the hallway, on a rug, in the middle of the dining room.

Peace. I want peace. I want for everyone to be at peace and feel safe and not be in pain.

And that is probably way too much to ask and yet, we do ask of it anyway.


  1. Good morning Ms. Moon. You are one of the souls sending out peaceful energy into the world. Now if we could only get a chorus going...

    I am sorry about the dogs. Sometimes it's hard being a grown up.

    And I wish all word verifications simply said Photo Sphere or camiocam as yours have lately.

  2. The time between making the decision to put an animal down and the actual doing of it is difficult. I hope it can be done today. And I hope that you schedule the deep cleaning to be done tomorrow. Best thoughts with you!

  3. It's just a hard situation. Others might advise, but you are the one cleaning up the mess.
    Wishing you peace.

  4. Don't think of it as taking their lives, you are GIVING them peace. And dignity. No one likes to floor shit.

    You'll be okay.

  5. I think you are giving them peace and dignity, yes. The deed is quick and easy, much easier than the way they're living now. It's a hard thing to do, I know, but damn, life not cleaning up dogshit is so, so, so much better.

  6. I think wishing for peace and freedom from pain is the best of all wishes. I love the mantra: May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from pain. May you be at peace.

  7. It's not an easy decision for sure but you know when it is time. And if the dogs are suffering, then they are telling you too.

    I just read Kathleen's post. I feel sad that she is in so much pain.

    Sending good energy to the dogs and to you and to Kathleen.


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