Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kinda Okay

You know, today has been one of the best days I've had recently. I almost wonder if I accidentally knocked my head out of my ass when I fell last night. Sort of a unconventional treatment for head-up-the-assedness syndrome.

I got a lot of stuff done around here and then I went on into town and dropped off a little present for Hank that I'd bought him along with a dozen eggs. The present was a book which he had adored as a child. We got it in the Monticello library when he was about three years old and he checked it out so often that the librarian finally ripped the library sticker out and handed it to him.
"Anyone who loves a book this much should own it," she said, and I fell in love with her and we were friends for years.
The book was one of Lois Lenki's and I love all of her books. Their simplicity of word and illustration and design seem so perfect to me. This particular one was entitled "Mr. and Mrs. Noah" and is the story of Noah's Ark.

That's Mr. Noah, directing the insects and bugs onto the ark.

Anyway, Hank didn't remember the book which was sort of funny because I remembered it so well. But he likes it and I'm glad I got it for him. 
And my librarian friend? We're friends on Facebook now and I'm friends with her daughter whom I used to take care of during the days back when I lived in that little house in the woods that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  She and Hank and May used to run around naked like the little beautiful heathens they were and they were all the best of friends. The daughter recently had a baby and she lives in France and it is so sweet to be able to see pictures of that child, her mama, her grandmama. 

I went to the library and ran into my darling Kati and checked out new books and then I took myself to lunch and got a falafel pita because I'd been craving one but it wasn't as good as I remembered. The counter girl was darling though. She told me she was really tired. That she'd been there since 9:30 and would be there until 10:00 tonight. 
"I'm sorry," I said and I was, meanwhile wondering why people tell me these things.
"It's okay," she said. "I have to eat!"
And when she asked for my name I told her "Mary" and when she brought me my sandwich she said, "Here you go, Miss Mary!" and I was charmed. 

I was going to get chicken scratch but who knew the feed store closed on Saturday afternoon? What's up with that? So on to Publix where Lily was working and I bought stuff for the men to eat while watching The Game tonight. Wings and stuff to make nachos and all those vegetables that you dip into blue cheese dressing to negate any possible vegetable nutrients which might be lurking in the celery, the carrots, the cucumbers, the snow peas. And beer. I bought beer. Lily bagged my groceries and walked me to the car and we got to chat a moment and we hugged and hugged. 

But now here's something funny. The ad that was in my shopping cart:

It was mystifying. REAL MEAT it says. And yet, 100% plant protein. 
Say what? This is confusing. I just checked out their website. 
I'm still somewhat confused. I mean, I know it's 100% plant protein (and gluten-free AND Kosher AND vegan) so how can it be real meat? Like...nut meat is nut meat? Plant meat is plant meat? And it has MORINGA in it. What the hell is moringa? And bottle brush herb. And sea buckthorn. 
Good Lord. I shall most definitely have to try this. For all I know, I am dangerously low on moringa, bottle brush herb and sea buckthorn. 
I am pretty sure this is not something that my grandparents would have recognized as food which Michael Pollan tells us is a product to avoid. But curiosity truly does impel one to check this shit out. 

Anyway, here's a picture of a happy man in his new chair. 

You want to know something funny? When I went to take his picture, he was putting a scope on his hunting rifle. This was a little too close to my prophecy of us having shotguns leaned up against the front door and I made him put the gun down ON THE COUCH! Now he's gone to go pick up his four-wheeler at the auto repair shop down the block. Yes. Lloyd has an auto repair shop and it's a damn good one. And last night? He told me that he is going to start drag racing again. He used to do it in high school without his parents' permission or even knowledge until he got busted when his mother went to get something out of his trunk and found a bunch of trophies he'd won. 
My husband. 
God. I love him. 

Here's a picture of the newest zinnia blooms on my hallway altar

where it sits with some of my most beloved sacred icons.

I send them to you, those simple, sweet, brightly colored blossoms. Soon they will be replaced by the pine cone lilies and I'll send those your way when that happens. 

The seasons progress. 

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, that sure is a whole lot of sweetness. I'm glad you had a good day. Now I sort of wish that I'd fallen, too, when I got out of the shower.

  2. Drag racing?? Mr Moon!

    I had a beautiful student from Turkey, Tugce, she was like a super hero, long hair, black eye liner, full of a slightly masculine poise. She told us she went drag racing for money at night... total superhero. Now facebook lets me see that she has a beautiful boyfriend who seems to suit her just so. I love it for that. Never mind the other.

    I can't believe Hank can't remember the book! Ha! My books of that sort have a sort of mythic quality. I found one, and bought it, but it's about a baby sitting wolf trying to cook one of the little pigs she's sitting on, and they band together and tie her up in a blanket, and when the Mr Pig comes home he drops the bundle in the river. And it all seems a tiny bit like a metaphor for child abuse somehow. Not that the kids would notice. And I loved it. But then, I never had unfamiliar babysitters either... ugh, I know, it's stupid to have even worried about it. My daughter is now happily watching shark attack programmes after midnight all on her own, viewer discretion advised. Sigh.

    Sorry, I wrote a blog post for some reason!

  3. I love the book. And I love the idea of dad drag racing again.

  4. A good day full of accomplishment. And I love zinnias.

  5. Drag racing will be cool. Mr. Moon is cool. I started riding again after a lot of years. And I am thoroughly enjoying pursuing this passion that has been rekindled.

  6. Elizabeth- NO! I do not recommend that you try this at home. You sweet thing.

    Jo- Facebook can be cool. Facebook can be evil. Or annoying. Or weird.
    Our childhood books are sacred objects, aren't they? They helped bring us into consciousness about the world. That's what I think, anyway.

    Mr. Downtown- So I told him last night, "I don't like this idea." And he said, "I'm going to do it."
    And I said, "Well. Okay." Haha!

    Ellen Abbott- They are some of my very favorite flowers.

    Syd- You're cool too, brother Syd.

  7. We love Lois Lenski in our house too. When Walter was 2-4 years old, we read Lenski books constantly. He heard so frequently "Book Title by Lois Lenski" that for two years he thought she wrote every book ever. He'd say "By Lois Lenski" after every title I read him.

  8. I love it when a man's happiness radiates through the house like that man's happiness looks to be doing..! Hugs from Vermont, where we have all agreed that a splendid summer has been had.

  9. Lora- Oh! The Littles! How I adored them! What a sweet story you gave me.

    Big Mamabird- Me too. I am never as happy when my sweetie is happy nor as worried when he is worried.

  10. Good stuff. All of it. But especially the altar pic at the end. Thank you.

  11. "Satisfies like chicken - without the cluck". Now, there's a snappy advertisement...or not! I just don't understand why one would want to eat something that looks like / tastes like /feels like beef, or chicken, or pork, or ostrich, come to that, if you don't want to EAT any of those things. What did I see on the grocery shelf the other day - something called (I think) To-furkey. Which quite frankly, sounds like a slightly-disguised curse.

    Sea buckthorn, I will confess, I put on my face as a moisturising oil. Supposed to plump out shriveled skin, or somesuch nonsense. I expect if one actually consumed it, one's intestines would be deliciously smooth and wrinkle-free also.

    I adore books...thank heavens my mother kept all my childhood favorites. She's been boxing them up and sending them seamail, for my own children. The only one I can't find is my all time favourite, "A Lemon Yellow Elephant Called Trunk".

    A peaceful and happy weekend to you!

  12. Oops. That was me, Mrs F, above. So dim,so full of steak, and ice cream.

  13. I love your altar flowers and that you would think to buy Hank a childhood book. All so sweet. Mr Moon drag racing, not so much. Sweet Jo

  14. Sea buckthorn does not sound like food.

    I am of the firm opinion that if one is going to eat vegetarian one should not buy pretend meat. That just seems silly to me.

  15. If you like the taste and texture of meat but do not believe in factory farming or in taking life in general, it makes perfect sense that you would still enjoy that taste and texture. Vegetarian doesn't mean you don't like meat, just that you don't eat it.

  16. A religious book for a little heathen? Love it!

    Your husband looks like such a kind man and I’m sanely jealous of his comfy chair. I’ve been after one for ages but the ones I like are SO expensive. Oh well.

  17. I love those zinnias!
    Meat that's not meat isn't meat. I'm so confused.
    The geese keep leaving here/passing through/having flying practice. It's cooling me off and making me long for fuzzy sweaters and curling up with a good book.
    I love the chair. And I love that you got Hank the book.
    Are you bruised?

  18. Jill- I'm glad you like the altar. I do too.

    Mrs. F- Haha! Steak and ice cream! Yes, Tofurky has been around for a long time. I've never had the courage to try it. It's a big seller at Thanksgiving, I believe. I looked up that book on Amazon. They have one used copy available for $35. Pricey but if you loved it, it might be worth it to you.
    Love the image of the sea buckthorn plumping out my intestines.

    Sweet Jo- A man's gonna do what a man's gonna do. I guess I'd rather he be out hunting, fishing, or even drag racing than in a bar, picking up women.

    Steve Reed- Well, see Hank's comment. He has an entirely valid point.

    Mr. Downtown- You are the very voice of reason and common sense.

    Wayne- They ARE expensive which is why it took Mr. Moon years to decide to finally buy a new one after his was broken. And he IS a kind man. You're right. And it is funny that that old favorite book was "religious" but I suppose I always just viewed it as a lovingly illustrated retelling of an old myth.

    heartinhand- The house we lived in before this one must have been under the flight path of the Canada geese because they flew over all the time. I can remember floating in the pool as autumn approached, watching them overhead. A beautiful memory. And no, I'm not much bruised at all. Thank you for asking.


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