Saturday, August 23, 2014

There Will Probably Be Pancakes In The Morning

Two boys, here for the night. One of them fast asleep now, one watching Tarzan in a very sleepy way but not asleep yet.

Best thing Owen said to me tonight: "I love you, my sweet old Mer."
And I said to him, "I love you, my sweet young Owen."

And oh, how I do love him and his cuddly, funny, brother. With all my heart.

But you knew that.


  1. Love it :) He's so handsome, too.

  2. What wonderful love surrounds you.

  3. Sweet boys. I’m also weirdly in love with the taps on your bathtub!

  4. Heartinhand- I do admit I nibble a bit on Gibson. Owen will have NONE OF THAT anymore.
    And oh yeah, the pancakes and bacon were good too.

    Jill- Notice how Owen is talking? Owen talks a lot.

    Elizabeth- They love my tub but Owen informed me that I need to get another large duck (I threw the old one away due to mildew issues) and probably, also, a rubber boat.
    Check and check.

    Birdie- It's the truth. I swear. I am not making that up.

    Wayne- It gets confusing with the shower attachment. I frequently spray the whole bathroom.

  5. Sweet words for you. But I can't think of you as old.


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