Thursday, August 14, 2014

To Me, This Is Just Almost Overwhelming Excitement

Good Lord! It's insane around here but that's how it is with life, isn't it? A good sort of insanity and when Vergil said yesterday that this was probably the last time they'd be staying with us like this because they'll have their own house, it sort of broke my heart. Although it will be wonderful and beyond amazing to have them in their own little home just a few minutes away, there is something so nice about having them stay here, you know. The kisses before bed, the chaos in the kitchen when breakfast is being made. The knowledge that they are upstairs, cozy in Jessie's old room.

So. Anyway, Mr. Moon and Jessie and Vergil are at the house signing. Mr. Moon forgot his phone so I need to run into town and take it to him because basically, he can't conduct business without it. I need to go to town anyway. After the signing I feel sure that the new homeowners are going to want to go to their house and do a few things. I'm not sure what. I told Jessie last night that she needed to pee in the yard. This is what my friend Liz always does with a new house. I remember when she came over here when we had just moved or maybe before, and we both peed in the yard. It's a basic animal thing. Jessie, however, said that no, she didn't need to pee in the yard. I offered to do it for her. She was a bit horrified at the thought.
"I'm sure Vergil will pee in the yard plenty," she said.
So I guess she won't be peeing in the yard.

I just talked to Kathleen and she sounds a billion times better and is leaving the hospital today. Hurray! I'm going to let her settle back in and take some food over there tomorrow. I am so happy for her.

Here's Greta looking out the dog door, keeping an eye on Maurice.

Greta wants to play with Maurice and Maurice wants Greta to disappear off the face of the earth and is doing her part by keeping her out of the back yard. She chased Greta back into the house this morning with her fur mohawked above her back and poor Greta is confused. Maurice is not confused at all. She is certain of her feelings. Now Maurice is lying next to my laptop, beating her tail on the table like a father tapping his fingers waiting for his sixteen year old daughter to be returned from a date while Greta stares dolefully from across the porch.
Ah lah.

I better get on with it. Places to go, things to do. Animals to observe.

It's a tough job. I gladly accept it as my own.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Encourage them to redo the godawful pink fireplace, and then invite them for a sleepover to escape the deconstruction/construction clutter, dust, grout droppings, and tile shards that will temporarily consume their living room.

  2. Is this house in Lloyd? Are there others like that in the area? I love the bathrooms and that light fixture. The pink fireplace might have been a bit much, but the bathrooms are wonderful. So are the built-ins. They have a beautiful house.

  3. I'm so excited! Congrats to Jessie and Vergil! I'd hate to advocate secret peeing in your kids' yard but . . . I think maybe you should secretly pee in their yard!

  4. The pink fireplace is amazing and should stay right where it is. This is Florida, where nature hands us great big ridiculous pink and blue and green, and we embrace it.

  5. Hurray for the house. Hooray for Kathleen. Hooray for cats and dogs. And for you!

  6. One of the things I love most about our little blog community is seeing the evolution of everything. You are truly living a wonderful life with your family, and I get to witness it, from Jessie and Virgil falling in love and getting married, moving away, visits home and to Ashville, and now this sweet new house back where you are, the whole family together again in one place, kicking up your heels and enjoying the heck out of one another. It is beautiful indeed and I am happy for you. xo

  7. I have never peed in any yard. But then, I'm a renter.

  8. We have peed in this yard several times. Sometimes it just has to happen.


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