Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Story In Pictures

Doesn't seem possible. And yet...

Why Vergil thinks that the fireplace tiled in the same pink and black tile as the bathroom needs to be replaced is beyond me. (Haha!)

 A solid brick house with so many rooms that they're going to have to decide which ones will be what. A basement. A funky-ass laundry room with the coolest old sink in it that I've ever seen. Sorry. Didn't get a picture of that. A yard that needs a hell of a lot of work. A bathroom that Jessie can call her own. (Best tip for a happy marriage- share a bedroom, have separate bathrooms.)
They sign tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

We went to dinner with Hank and May and Michael and Lily and the boys. Jason had to work. Bah. But hey- welcome to management, Jason! We are so proud of you. And we missed you.
Margaritas were two for one.
Gibson ate approximately 75 chips, according to Mr. Moon.

I can't believe that all of my babies are going to be right here. The fun we're going to have.

I looked at Mr. Moon holding Gibson and I said, "Can you believe that one day we had sex, which I remember, and next thing you knew, we had Lily and then...this is what happened?"

Good God, ya'll.

Sleep tight.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. So awesome! Congrats to them, and all of you...

  2. *swoon* I love this whole photo-story. And that tile! LOL!

  3. The house looks so beautiful. But I don't believe I've ever seen a pink-tiled fireplace!
    Congrats to them!

  4. I knew they would get the house! Hooray! What joyous photos!

    (And I won't tell you I'm starting to see Owen's big boy face emerging...)

  5. Congrats to Jesse and Vergil! Gibson looks terribly worried about that chip. Sweet Jo

  6. Looking forward to the interior decoration feauture on that gem. Beautiful.
    So, if two bathrooms is the secret of a happy marriage, does that mean he cleans his and she cleans hers?

  7. here's another vote for the fireplace to stay! how exciting!

    so many original details, so much charm!


  8. Because pink is acceptable in a bathroom but godawful in a fireplace. Virgil's got taste.

  9. I remember a couple of years ago when you talked in a post about how you felt bad because you had made Jessie cry. She and Vergil were just falling in love and you said something to her about not wanting her to be far away when she had her babies. I don't know why I remember that! And now she's back :)

  10. Tell Jessie and Vergil that I love the house. I kind of dig the funky fireplace.

    Good to see everybody together.

    Love y'all,


  11. Big mamabird- Thank you!

    Gradydoctor- It's...something special, right?

    Denise- When they built that house, it was probably waste-not, want-not. And they already had the tile so...

    Angella- Yes. It seemed like a done-deal from the beginning, didn't it?
    And honey, I see that big boy face too and it's so bittersweet.

    Sweet Jo- That may have been a reaction to the salsa. It was a tiny bit "spicy" as Gibson says.

    Sabine- That would be the secret to a PERFECT marriage.

    Mrs. A- I just love all the arches. They're everywhere.

    Anonymous- Beauty is in the eye...
    But yeah, they'll probably redo that.

    Jill- One of the many reasons I love Vergil is that he understands. He's such a good and loving husband.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- It's a conversation piece, at least! It was a family fiesta last night. It was so much fun.

  12. Oh the joy of starting a new home! Oh the joy of having them near you! Please keep showing photos of how they build their nest.

  13. oh JOY! So happy for you Ms Moon.All Good things.
    Please tell him not to touch the fireplace!
    Congratulations all round.

  14. OMG Jessie and Vergil and their new home are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love all the arches, built-in nooks, wood floors, big windows, full mirror on door, and that LIGHT FIXTURE ~ wow!

    I'm with Vergil on the pink fireplace, but love the bathroom...

    And I can think of a certain mom who will be helping turn that yard into a blooming work of art!

  15. It's gorgeous. They're going to love it there.

  16. I love reading all the comments about our new house! It puts the (good) pressure on me to decorate it all nice and pretty so that we can share more photos with the blog family.
    This house is such a sweet dream come true for me. I'm going to be back near my family soon. Yay!!
    Also, thanks for the fireplace feed-back, y'all. I'm with Vergil- pink and black tile has got to go, but not in the bathroom. I'm just a little afraid that Hank might actually disown me as his sister when it's replaced. Sorry Hank.
    Love you Mama! Thanks for documenting and sharing the joy.

  17. Wishing Vergil and Jesse a sweet life in their sweet little bungalow. How can they miss with wood floor and all those arches + a basement?! And is that a side porch I spied? You are one lucky mama to have them just down the road, Mary Moon. x0 N2

  18. Oh, I love the house! And I can't wait to see what they do with it! I'm sorry I've been so absent here -- I need to catch up with all the Lloyd happenings.

  19. Okay that fireplace is kinda cool. Looks like a really nice house.


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