Thursday, August 21, 2014

Not A Whole Lot To Say

Oh, y'all. Click on that picture, let your mind go whirling with the craziness of it. That is a passion flower and the first time I ever saw one, growing wild in an orange grove, I sincerely and truly believed it must have come from outer space.
I had no other explanation.
I'm still not sure it's not the best explanation.

The beauty berry is also starting to ripen. If Alice Walker was right when she said in The Color Purple, "I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it," then late summer is a time around here when that god could truly have plenty of opportunity to get pissed off because there is so much purple blooming in the deep woods, along the roadsides, in the fields. Places where people pass by so fast they never notice it, don't even see it all.
I'd just as soon not piss off anyone although I know I do sometimes. Mostly myself. 
But I do try to notice. Not only purple but the butterflies which are in abundance right now, the katydid in my kitchen which has taken up residence. 

I showed him to the boys the other day and Owen immediately deemed the bug "his pet." Owen is definitely into pets these days. I hope to god that he doesn't ask me a whole lot of questions about Buster and Dolly. I just called their groomer, a friend of mine, and left her a message telling her that she wouldn't be seeing them any more and why. I fucking teared up while I was talking. I'm so crazy.

It's very peaceful here today. One of the hens is trying to communicate something. Probably looking for the rest of the flock. I am glad it's quiet. I don't care to hear much and I sure don't care to say much. 

So I guess for now, that's plenty. The hen, Missy, must have found the flock because now all I hear are contented croons from the scratching chickens. That's a sound I don't mind one bit. Not one bit at all. 


  1. Your photos are balm today, Mary. And that passion flower is outrageous!

  2. That Passion flower looks like it's underwater! Beautiful!
    Oh man, our dog groomer kept sending Christmas cards in spite of the fact that I'd called her. Hopefully yours has more marbles than mine did!

  3. Love the passion flower! Does yours produce fruit? Adding passion fruit to my list of must-have-plants - yum. Nothing better in fresh yogurt.

  4. I am so happy that my beauty berry survived digging up and replanting in the middle of summer. I had to prune it back by more than half though. But the berries left on it are also turning purple.

    And I really don't think I'm teaching you anything about how to be a good grandma. You do a pretty damn good job of it yourself.

  5. Nature is so crazy. That flower makes no sense, and beauty berry is its own color, isn't it?
    The other night there were 8 or more katydids on and around my front door. I'd never seen a congregation like that and they were loud. I wonder what they eat? They will make an easy pet :)
    Glad you have the chickens to listen to today. They are cheap therapy. xo

  6. Rest, today, dear Mary. Get used to the new normal, and let yourself be at peace about all of it. My mindset today: What is, is. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

  7. Yes to passion flowers!496

  8. I think it will be okay if Owen asks questions. I think it is better if he does! Kids get scared and make assumptions about death and with his wonderful imagination who knows what he is thinking. I guess the problem is we as adults don't even have the answers. Actually, I don't even know the questions yet.

  9. Elizabeth- Isn't it just insane?

    heartinhand- Well, our dog groomer never sent Christmas cards so it'll be cool. Ha!

    NOLA- No idea. These are wild.

    Ellen Abbott- I think beauty berry is pretty much indestructible. I'm glad yours has survived. And you DO inspire me to be a better grandmother. You really do.

    Mel- We seem to have more katydids this year than ever. Wonder what that's about?
    And my chickens ARE therapy. Insurance should pay for them.

    Angella- I try to remember that advice but it's just so damn hard. For me, at least.

    Denise- Thank you for letting me share it.

    A- I'll second that emotion.

    Birdie- He's going to his great-grandfather's funeral tomorrow. He's getting a lot of lessons in death lately. I will talk to him. You know I will.

  10. I just watched "The Color Purple" and was struck by that line as well. Passionflowers ARE alien things, with all those spidery filaments. They look like a flower on "Lost in Space."

    Sorry to hear about Buster and Dolly, though I know it was past time. I imagine their absence will come up in conversation with Owen and Gibson. Kids are naturally curious about such things, as you know.

  11. Ms. Moon,

    That is a lot of death for someone so young. I am glad he is going to her funeral though. My beloved grandpa died when I was 9 and my aunt decided that her daughter and I were too young. My grandpa was the first man that I felt loved by. And not just a little love. We adored each other! It would have done me well to go to his service and say goodbye.


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