Monday, August 4, 2014

Irrepressible Joy Boy

Lily sent me this picture last night with a text that said, "What have I done?"

Mr. Moon and I laughed and laughed. I'm calling it the Captain Kangaroo haircut.

I think Gibson likes it. 

I'll be meeting up with them soon to go to lunch and then back to the orthopedist. Keep your fingers crossed that today is the day the cast comes off for good although nothing seems to keep that child down. Cast on leg? Learn to run like the wind with it. 
Captain Kangaroo hairstyle? 
Rock it and keep rolling.

We could all learn from Gibson. 


  1. Ha ha ha! Every time I cut my younger's hair I have to get used to the eyebrows again! Like Gibson, he has expressive and impressive ones and isn't afraid to use them! all the best with the leg... Carroll

  2. It IS a Captain Kangaroo haircut! But it looks better on Gibson. Maybe Owen can be Mr. Green Jeans.

  3. Love the cut and Lily's text.

  4. Angella- He's mine, at least.

    Carroll- Thank you!

    Denise- Owen would make a lovely Mr. Green Jeans!

    Jill- I know. Right?

    Beth Coyote- He is so damn happy, no matter what. Mostly.

  5. This absolutely made my day. Thank you, Gibson our Guru.

  6. Gradydoctor- He knows no bounds, that one. And the most precious moments of my life are when he falls asleep on me. He's a wonder.


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